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Richard Gouraige | 75

OT | Florida | Buffalo Bills
Ht: 6050 / 6' 05" | Wt: 306 | Upd: 03/02/2024


Birth Date: 10/15/1998
Age: 25
Original Team: BUF FA
NFL Entry: 23 CFA
NFL Exp: 1
Depth Chart Key: CF23
Team History: BUF

Player History

04/23 BUF FA
08/23 BUF waived
08/23 BUF P/SQ 0-21
01/24 BUF FA for 24

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about RICHARD GOURAIGE:

Florida | H: 6047 W: 308 40: 5.50 A: 3400 H: 1000 W: 8118

Four-year starter, Tampa, FL. After 40+ starts in the SEC, Gouraige still has questions surrounding his projected position at the next level. Has good enough size and athletic ability to protect the edge, but barely. Has a lot of experience and plays with solid hand techniques but does not always latch on tightly. He can adjust his weight distribution with good reactionary skills, but there is a noticeable cap on his athleticism. He plays a physical brand, but there is a deficit when it comes to core strength, and he will turn 25-years-old early in his rookie year. Has the look of a versatile backup who can play both guard and tackle. The ceiling is limited however, as he seems to have flat-lined throughout the course of his final two seasons without a true progression. There is a spot for a guy like this on every team. Heady body control against twists and blitzes. Can forecast and react while maintaining control. Will stay square and avoid oversetting. Shows consistent rhythm below the waist in pass protection. Times his punch well and will get the hips involved. Simply maximizes what he has. Played multiple positions and his skill set can support that kind of versatility. Knee bend is inconsistent. Will get caught playing too tall and does not have the power or length to make up for it. Baseline athleticism is average, will lose some races to the intersection against speed rushers. Lacks the explosive trait to get a solid initial push in the running game. Projects to a much-needed inside-out backup role that every team needs on game day.

5th/6th round.