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Thomas Incoom | 59

OLB | Central Michigan | Denver Broncos
Ht: 6022 / 6' 02" | Wt: 265 | Upd: 09/11/2023


Birth Date: 02/19/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: DEN FA
NFL Entry: 23 CFA
NFL Exp: R
Depth Chart Key: CF23
Team History: DEN

Player History

04/23 DEN FA

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about THOMAS INCOOM:

Central Michigan | H: 6022 W: 265 40: 4.66 A: 3314 H: 0834 W: 7878

Two-year starter, Stone Mountain, GA. Transfer from Valdosta State prior to the 2021 season. First-team All MAC this past season. His exceptional athleticism shows up in a multitude of areas. Displays elite upfield burst off the line-of-scrimmage with a quick first step and makes substantial ground in his initial steps. Times up the snap with great reaction time. Shows ability to set the edge using a sturdy anchor in his lower half and a violent engagement to leverage his run responsibility. When he reads flow away, squeezes tight to the end man on the line and keeps his hips square to the mesh point. Shows a lethal speed rush move utilizing great foot speed and has burst off the ball to get around the offensive tackle immediately, and considerable bend to corner off the edge. Can drive linemen back and collapse the pocket. Effective in stunts using quality lateral agility and foot quickness to shift gaps and loop across the formation. Unpolished as a pass rusher, shows a lack of moves to consistently win on the edge. Consistently lacks a pass rush plan and will stall out quickly. Needs to utilize his hands better in order to piece together moves and win. Struggles to win with power versus offensive linemen due to a lack of functional strength. Needs to improve ability to shed and disengage from blocks. Takes him too long to diagnose plays, slow to react to what is happening in front of him. Loaded with potential and has numerous traits that can make him successful, but needs to develop in a number of areas to step up his game.

2022 Stats: 56 T, 18.5 TFL, 11.5 sacks, 4 QBH, 1 FF, 1 FR (1 TD). Edge speed:left 2.21, right 2.03. OSR:23/43. 5th/6th round.