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Jakorian Bennett | 0

CB | Maryland | Las Vegas Raiders
Ht: 5105 / 5' 11" | Wt: 195 | Upd: 09/11/2023


Birth Date: 08/23/2000
Age: 23
Original Team: LV
NFL Entry: 23 04 104
NFL Exp: R
Depth Chart Key: 23/4
Team History: LV

Player History

06/23 LV D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about JAKORIAN BENNETT:

Maryland | H: 5105 W: 193 40: 4.31 A: 3178 H: 0918 W: 7700

Two year starter, Mobile, AL. Honorable mention All Big 10 in 2021-22. Versatile corner who played all over the secondary. Based on coverage could line up at corner, nickel or deep middle safety. Has agility and quickness and plays with a high motor. As a corner played press, press and bail, and off coverage. Was solid as a hard corner re-routing and sinking under intermediate cuts. In press man shows patience not to give up leverage and flashed mirror ability on route breaks. Can be physical on the release to disrupt but also played reactive press to mirror and chase. As an off defender maintained cushion with quick short steps and is quick breaking in all directions. Solid zone skill with a knack for reading routes and the delivery key. As a nickel or hard corner is adept at finding the throwing lane. Playing deep middle he takes solid angles to the ball. Excellent ball skills he has leaping ability to find the catch point and was extremely productive getting his hands on balls. Has tackling skill and will gather and drive through tackles. Make plays in space coming from distance. Extended speed is a question as he can let a receiver get on his toes and can be a little segmented to turn and run. Has gotten grabby at times with a receiver running by him. Can be a little too physical at the top of route or in recovery and is prone to interference penalties. Has been productive on special teams and will be attractive as a versatile chess piece in an NFL secondary.

2022 Stats: 39 T, 1.5 TFL, 10 PBU, 1 BK, 2 INT. OSR:2/30. 4th/5th round.