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David Montgomery | 5

RB | Iowa State | Detroit Lions
Ht: 5101 / 5' 10" | Wt: 224 | Upd: 09/27/2023


Birth Date: 06/07/1997
Age: 26
Original Team: CHI
NFL Entry: 19 03 073
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: U/Chi
Team History: CHI DET

Player History

06/19 CHI D/C signed
10/21 CHI IR 4
11/21 CHI IR/DFR 8
11/21 CHI activated 9
03/23 CHI UFA
03/23 DET UFA signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about DAVID MONTGOMERY: Iowa State, 5101 222 4.63. Junior entry and two year starter from Cincinnati, OH. Ended up on the All-Big 12 squad in both 2017 and 2018. Lacks some of the sexy highlights that some other running backs can put on display, but make no mistake about his final grade. He is a chains mover that constantly breaks through initial contact and picks up plenty of yards after contact with a running style that breeds contact balance and vision. His hands are a weapon and as long as he can improve his blocking presence, he has every-down starter written all over him. Never a star, but certainly a safe and reliable back you should not sleep on. Built like a fire hydrant with legs. Bottom-heavy body with the natural and easy bend to make him low to the ground and hard to grab. Plays a strong and quick game that can handle contact and force without deterring him off his path. Easy, powerful change of direction that won’t shy from contact. Has the kind of late and subtle cuts that can make defenders miss but still keep him moving north. Has enough strength to run right through arm tackles. Natural hands catcher that will see the ball in consistently. Takes care of the ball and does the little things right. Excellent ball security numbers. Comes into the league with 550+ touches over the past two years alone. Runs with a bruiser mentality but may not have the frame to take on that much contact in the NFL. Doesn’t have the extra speed and burst to break off the big runs. Can be caught from behind. Inaccurate pass blocker that loses track of his target and has an “all-or-nothing” approach. 2018 stats: 1216 yds, 4.7 ypc, 13 TD, 22 rec, 157 yds, 7.1 ypr, 0 TD. OSR:17/24. Third/fourth round. (A-31 3/8, H-9 1/4, BP-15, SS-DNP).