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Kenny Robinson | 0

FS | West Virginia | Pittsburgh Steelers
Ht: 6006 / 6' 01" | Wt: 200 | Upd: 03/19/2023


Birth Date: 01/08/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: CAR
NFL Entry: 20 05 152
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: SF23
Team History: CAR PIT

Player History

07/20 CAR D/C signed
09/20 CAR waived
09/20 CAR P/SQ 1-6
10/20 CAR activated 7
08/21 CAR waived
09/21 CAR P/SQ 0-3
10/21 CAR activated 3
10/21 CAR P/SQ 4
10/21 CAR activated 4
10/21 CAR P/SQ 5
10/21 CAR activated 5
12/21 CAR Covid-19
12/21 CAR activated 16
08/22 CAR waived
09/22 CAR P/SQ 0
10/22 CAR P/SQ 5-10
11/22 CAR P/SQ 11-18
01/23 PIT FA for 23

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about KENNY ROBINSON: West Virginia, 6006 203 4.55. Junior entry, two-year starter, Wilkinsburg, PA. Was academically dismissed from West Virginia prior to the 2019 season. Played five games for the St. Louis Battlehawks of the XFL. Tall safety with a lanky build. Played one hole safety and two high in quarters and half coverage in college. Would occasionally roll down in the box based on formation. Most often one and two high in the XFL. Fluid in movements with a smooth backpedal. Outstanding range in deep coverage he can easily flip his hips to get over the top. Outstanding ball skills timing his leap to get to the catch point or undercut an intermediate throw. Quick to break on the throw. At his best one high working the deep middle. Flashes a willingness to throw his body around in run support but is inconsistent with hustle and pursuit angles. Not in on a lot of tackles. Has poor tackling skill at this point. In college often lunged at tackles and either made an ankle tackle or missed. Inconsistent processing route combinations. Has tunnel vision at times. He can get attracted to an intermediate route as a deep safety while giving up coverage behind him. Athletic ability and ball skills are attractive but he will need development. With no Combine and testing there is some risk and he is tough to grade. XFL stats (5 games): 21 T, 1 sack, 2 INT. Sixth/seventh round. (A-NA, H-NA, VJ-NA, SS-NA).