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Troy Pride | 0

CB | Notre Dame | New Orleans Saints
Ht: 5114 / 5' 11" | Wt: 193 | Upd: 03/15/2023


Birth Date: 01/19/1998
Age: 25
Original Team: CAR
NFL Entry: 20 04 113
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: SF23
Team History: CAR NO

Player History

07/20 CAR D/C signed
01/21 CAR IR 17
08/21 CAR IR
05/22 CAR waived
01/23 NO FA for 23

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about TROY PRIDE JR: Notre Dame, 5114 193 4.40. Two-year starter, Greer, SC. Played in a variety of coverage and technique including press, press and bail, off outside zone and man. Experience in quarters, hard corner Cover 2, Cover 3 and man. In off coverage shows a smooth pedal with ability to change speeds to maintain cushion and flip into lateral run to stay in phase. Quick to transition and break on the throw on plays in front of him. As a hard corner re-routes with body position and off-hand jam. Sees the quarterback delivery key and can sink under an intermediate route while balancing the flat. In press can be reactive. Fluid hips to turn and has the speed to stay in phase. In trail technique has discipline to stay underneath and focus on the receiver. Consistently handles route breaks from press or off. Willing tackler but is easily washed out of plays and tends to go low at times missing badly. Will occasionally give up leverage in press but recovery speed limits damage. Rarely beat deep. While in position doesn’t make a lot of plays on the ball. Some of that is lacking aggression and timing to get to the catch point. Can be slightly late reacting and outfought for balls. Needs to upgrade ball skills. NFL ready for the most part and can be a solid if unspectacular pro. Has been a sprinter on the track team and his speed plays well. Senior Bowl notes: Smooth pedal with quick reactions. Strong week of practice with a solid game. Showed mirror ability and ball skills with some nice pass breaks and an interception. Stayed in phase on vertical routes. Showed closing speed. 2019 stats: 40 T, 6 PBU, 1 INT. OSR:8/29. Second/ third round. (A-30 5/8, H-9, VJ-35.5, SS-4.26).