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Jarrad Davis |

ILB | Florida |
Ht: 6013 / 6' 01" | Wt: 238 | Upd: 03/15/2024


Birth Date: 11/16/1994
Age: 29
Original Team: DET
NFL Entry: 17 01 021
NFL Exp: 7
Depth Chart Key: UFA
Player Status: Un-Restricted Free Agent
Team History: DET NYJ DET NYG

Player History

05/17 DET D/C signed
12/19 DET IR 15
11/20 DET Covid-19
11/20 DET activated 10
03/21 DET UFA
03/21 NYJ UFA signed
09/21 NYJ IR
10/21 NYJ Designated for Return 7
10/21 NYJ activated 7
12/21 NYJ Covid-19
03/22 NYJ UFA
03/22 DET UFA signed
08/22 DET T V V
09/22 DET P/SQ 0-10
11/22 DET activated 10
11/22 DET P/SQ 10-14
12/22 DET activated 14
12/22 DET P/SQ 14-15
12/22 DET activated 15
12/22 DET P/SQ 15-17
12/22 NYG from DET P/SQ 17
07/23 NYG IR
03/24 NYG UFA

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about JARRAD DAVIS: Florida, 6013 238 4.62. Two-year starter from Kingsland, GA. Missed four games in 2016 due to a pair of injuries. Missed three games in 2014 with injury. Earned second-team All-SEC honors. Played Mike linebacker in the Gators’ 4-3 defense, also has experience in 2015 as the Will linebacker. Has a perfect mix of old school and new school linebacker play. Loves to knock the opponent out with violent blows between the tackles and has the speed to chase anyone down. Top level acceleration. He bring a high level of presence and power when filling the inside lanes. Stifles blockers and drives ball carriers back through the ground. Flexible lower body, loose hips that easily change direction when he’s moving at a full speed. Quick twitched reactions. Responds well to the offense. Rarely misses his tackle when he gets his hands on a ball carrier. Doesn’t translate his athleticism to pass coverage. Gets a little heavy-footed and stiff when moving backwards. Won’t see things around him and read the quarterback at the same time. Overruns his target when chasing after the outside run. Needs to show more gap discipline. Will open up cutback lanes. Has trouble getting off straight ahead linemen. Has enough speed and explosion to get coaches excited. Tough hard-nosed leader who takes pride in the role of a linebacker. Davis brings the attitude and physical prowess you want in the middle of your defense. His violent presence as a tackler and aggressive nature in pursuit makes him a legit sideline to sideline threat against the run. Has all the range and tackling ability in the world, but will need to show more discipline and awareness in the NFL. Pro day numbers: 38.5/VJ, 10-9/BJ, 7.39/ 3 cone. 2016 stats: 60 T, 6 TFL, 2 sacks, 4 PBU, 5 QBH. Second/ third round. (A-33 1/2, H-9 3/4, BP-23, SS-4.29).