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John Simpson | 76

OG | Clemson | New York Jets
Ht: 6041 / 6' 04" | Wt: 330 | Upd: 06/03/2024


Birth Date: 08/19/1997
Age: 26
Original Team: LV
NFL Entry: 20 04 109
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: U/Bal
Team History: LV BAL NYJ

Player History

07/20 LV D/C signed
12/22 LV waived 14
12/22 BAL P/SQ 15-19
01/23 BAL FA for 23
03/24 BAL UFA
03/24 NYJ UFA signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about JOHN SIMPSON: Clemson, 6041 321 5.24. Two-year starter, North Charleston, SC. Consensus All-America and an Outland Trophy semi-finalist. Two years All ACC including first team last fall. When he plays under control his talent is evident. Good functional play strength. Powerful on contact to create both lateral and horizontal movement with active feet and knee bend. A good athlete with lateral quickness and agility in space. Will get a little wide with his hands and push in pass protection. Sometimes shows late reactions and awareness. Late off the ball at times. Struggles adjusting to inside counters and twists. More of a power blocker than an athletic mover. Must get help on either side of him to be effective. Draws numerous penalties. Will waist bend and lose his feet. Flashed an explosive punch in the Senior Bowl where he decleated Josiah Coatney in practice. Had an uneven week in Mobile where he got his hands swiped and knocked down on more than one occasion. Has a great combination of size, athletic ability, and raw strength, but needs time to develop. Best in a run heavy offense where he just has to come off and drive the down guy. OSR:11/41. Third/fourth round. (A-34 1/8, H-11 1/4, BP-34, 10-1.78).