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Nate Hairston | 27

CB | Temple | Arizona Cardinals
Ht: 5117 / 6' 00" | Wt: 195 | Upd: 03/29/2023


Birth Date: 06/30/1994
Age: 28
Original Team: IND
NFL Entry: 17 05 158
NFL Exp: 6
Depth Chart Key: SF22

Player History

05/17 IND D/C signed
08/19 NYJ trade from IND
09/20 NYJ waived
09/20 NYJ FA
10/20 NYJ waived
10/20 BAL P/SQ 6-14
12/20 DEN from BAL P/SQ 14, exempt
12/20 DEN exemption lifted
04/21 DEN T V V
04/21 DEN FA
08/21 DEN T V V
09/21 DEN P/SQ 0
09/21 DEN activated 0
09/21 DEN P/SQ 1
09/21 DEN activated 1
01/22 DEN Covid-19
01/22 DEN activated 18
03/22 DEN UFA
03/22 MIN UFA signed
07/22 MIN NFI
08/22 MIN activated
08/22 MIN T V V
09/22 ARZ P/SQ 3-15
12/22 ARZ activated 15
12/22 ARZ P/SQ 15-16
12/22 ARZ activated 16
12/22 ARZ P/SQ 16-17
12/22 ARZ PS/INJ 17
01/23 ARZ FA for 23

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about NATE HAIRSTON: Temple, 5117 196 4.52. One-year starter from Frederick, MD. Moved from wide receiver to cornerback. Has experience in both man and zone coverage. Plays a variety of techniques and shows up well in his movement skills. In some zone coverage he used a lateral shuffle technique. He is quick with his movement and shows good transitions with good stop and start quickness. When he pedals in off man or deep thirds coverage, he is fluid and quick with steps. At times gives a big cushion when backed off, but closes quickly. Tough in press man, maintains leverage. Fluid turn and run. Solid eye discipline when playing man. Mirrors cuts well. Good discipline and zone awareness. Good ball skills. Solid in run support. Takes on wide receiver using his hands well to shed. Good agility in space. Has body control and quickness. Physical tools. A developmental player who upgrades the quality of depth. Shrine Game notes: An ascending player who was a former wide receiver and moved to corner in 2015. Good movement skills. Physical in press man. Fluid in his ability to turn and run. Stays in phase on the receiver. A disciplined corner who has good ball skills. Solid in run support. Played well as a gunner on punt coverage. 2016 stats: 27 T, 3 TFL, 5 PBU, 2 INT. BTR:left 4.68, right 5.02. OSR:24/35. Fourth/fifth round. (A-31, H-9 1/2, VJ-35.5, SS-4.47).