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Henry Anderson | 94

DE | Stanford | Carolina Panthers
Ht: 6063 / 6' 06" | Wt: 300 | Upd: 03/21/2023


Birth Date: 08/03/1991
Age: 31
Original Team: IND
NFL Entry: 15 03 093
NFL Exp: 9
Depth Chart Key: SF22
Team History: IND NYJ NE CAR

Player History

07/15 IND D/C signed
11/15 IND IR 10
11/17 IND IR 10
04/18 NYJ trade from IND
03/21 NYJ T V V/CC
03/21 NE CC signed
10/21 NE IR 4
08/22 NE IR
09/22 NE T V V/injury settlement
09/22 CAR FA
10/22 CAR reserve/NFI 7
12/22 CAR NFI/DFR 14
12/22 CAR activated 14

Ourlads' Profile:

2015 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about HENRY ANDERSON: Stanford, 6063 294 4.97. Three-year starter from Atlanta, GA. Has moved all over the line because of his versatile skill set. With his height and length, he can be a weapon between the tackles to combat the short, quick passing game. There is also a good amount of flexibility and quickness that make him a very good one-gap rusher. His reach for the blocker off the snap allows him to control the engagement and his skill set of shedding blocks while maintaining body control allows him to get in on a lot of action. Versatile player who can wear a lot of hats. Long and wiry strong type frame. Bends exceedingly well and is often found being the low man between him and the blocker. Quick and explosive out of his stance. Shoots the gaps well. Keeps his body low and strong hands in front. Works hard to get the inside position. Sheds blocks consistently and will get near or in on the action often. Wide array of rush moves. Rip, arm over, and uppercut are all well developed. Good short area quickness. Good tackler, wraps up hard and aggressively finishes. Has surprising ability to speed rush the edge and turn the corner. Can hold the point and get rid of the blocker. Very good instincts and reaction. Big strong hands. Once he gets stood up he has a hard time holding his position. 2014 stats: 65 T, 14.5 TFL, 8 sacks, 9 QBH. Edge speed:left 2.03, right 2.40. OSR:15/31. Third/ fourth round. (A-32 1/4, H-10, BP-DNP, 10-1.75).