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James Cook | 4

RB | Georgia | Buffalo Bills
Ht: 5110 / 5' 11" | Wt: 190 | Upd: 01/26/2024


Birth Date: 09/25/1999
Age: 24
Original Team: BUF
NFL Entry: 22 02 063
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: 22/2
Team History: BUF

Player History

05/22 BUF D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2022 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about JAMES COOK:

Georgia, 5110 199 4.42. Two-year starter, Miami, FL. Has been a steady part of the backfield rotation since 2018. The brother of Vikings’ running back Dalvin, James brings a similar level of natural feel and elite burst to the table. Looks like he plays the game on ice skates with how fluidly his hips swivel in and out of breaks. The cuts he can make while moving at a high rate of speed are sharp enough to rip through a bone. His greatest value will be found in space. There are not many backs under 200 pounds who can stick around in the league for a long time. He can carry the ball, but he needs to be in the open field. His skill set could even pass for a slot receiver with how well he runs routes and the fact he doesn’t have a single drop on his resume over the past two years. Put in the right situation and he can be an excellent accessory piece to an offense as a big play threat. Seamless transitions in and out of cuts. Can adjust his path at the very last moment in traffic no matter what gear he is in. Ideal ankle mobility and stability, and a top speed that can run away from a defense. Shows a natural pull to open space. Excellent vision that can see the whole field and anticipate when creases will open up. Presses the line in a hurry but shows enough patience to let things happen. Receiver-caliber hands and routes. Sharp cuts and impeccable timing to get open. Small thighs lead to the idea he is under ideal weight for the position. Has a hard time shaking free from a defender if they get a clean hit. Will not push piles forward. Needs to work on blocking, good for one punch.

2021 stats: 728 yds, 6.4 ypc, 7 TD, 27 rec, 284 yds, 10.5 ypr, 4 TD. OSR:10/28. Fourth/fifth round. (A-30 3/4, H-9 3/8, BP-DNP, SS-DNP).