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Forrest Lamp | 77

OG | Western Kentucky | New Orleans Saints
Ht: 6040 / 6' 04" | Wt: 310 | Upd: 07/28/2022


Birth Date: 02/20/1994
Age: 28
Original Team: LAC
NFL Entry: 17 02 038
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: SF21
Team History: LAC BUF NO

Player History

05/17 LAC D/C signed
08/17 LAC Tore Right ACL
09/17 LAC IR
10/19 LAC IR 8
04/21 LAC UFA
04/21 BUF UFA signed
08/21 BUF IR
08/21 BUF T V V/injury settlement
10/21 NO P/SQ 6-11
12/21 NO activated 12
12/21 NO P/SQ 12-14
12/21 NO activated 14
12/21 NO P/SQ 15
12/21 NO activated 16
12/21 NO P/SQ 16
01/22 NO activated 16
01/22 NO P/SQ 17

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about FORREST LAMP: Western Kentucky, 6035 309 5.01. Four-year starter at left tackle from Venice, FL. Two straight first-team All-Conference USA nominations. A dominant left tackle at a lower level of competition who works to finish his blocks. Projects inside at guard due to his short arms and length. The former Hilltopper’s arms did grow from 31 1/8" at the Senior Bowl until his 32 1/4" measurement at the Combine. Still too stubby. He may eventually be a center, but he has a chance to be the first guard off the board. A physical and aggressive competitor who plays with light feet and good balance. Plays square in pass protection and shadows his assignment up the field. Hands inside the frame. Steers his target. Smooth footwork. Adjusts well to a slant or run support defenders. Takes good angles to the second level or on screen passes to pick off pursuit. A position wall off athlete who will have to learn to play in a three-point stance and become accustomed to a pro style offense and blocking scheme. Anchors well, rolls his hips and will keep himself between the ball carrier and the defender. Understands angles and efficient footwork. Has the quickness to handle all levels of athleticism. Will always have to fight the size issue. Suffered a high ankle sprain at the Senior Bowl at the end of January. Will have to move inside at the next level where his size won’t be as much of an issue. His style of play may not be ideally suited in there because of a lack of moving power, but he proved against some of the best competition college football had to offer that he can simply get it done. OSR:2/41. Second/third round. (A-32 1/4, H-10 7/8, BP-34, 10-1.75).