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John Molchon | 75

OG | Boise State | Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ht: 6052 / 6' 05" | Wt: 309 | Upd: 03/30/2022


Birth Date: 02/02/1997
Age: 25
Original Team: TB FA
NFL Entry: 20 CFA
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: CF20
Team History: TB

Player History

05/20 TB FA
09/20 TB IR 1-5
10/20 TB IR/DFR 6
10/20 TB activated 8
10/20 TB waived
11/20 TB P/SQ 9-12
11/20 TB activated 12
11/20 TB P/SQ 13-22
02/21 TB FA for 21
09/21 TB IR
09/21 TB IR/DFR 3
10/21 TB activated 6
10/21 TB waived
10/21 TB P/SQ 6-19
01/22 TB FA for 22

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about JOHN MOLCHON: Boise State, 6052 309 5.14. Three-year starter, Las Vegas, NV. Began his career at tackle in 2017, earning Mountain West honorable mention honors prior to being moved inside to guard where he earned first-team honors the last two years. His consistent set up and knee bend blended with quality foot speed and balance make him an attractive project. May not have the ideal tools from a length perspective, but he can make up for that inside with the way he moves. Projects as a backup at the next level that will need time to enhance his strength and refine his hand techniques. Wide and sturdy frame with good balance and foot speed. Very good out of his stance that will keep his base wide. Very good leverage stemming from easy, consistent knee bend. Mechanically sound with his set up. Shows the ability to get his hands inside and lock himself to a defender’s chest. Excellent as a second level blocker, takes the proper angle and can hang with the speed and quickness. Gets his hips involved and will create movement. Shows the potential to mirror against quickness. Inconsistent accuracy with his hand strike. Needs to stop going for the big blow, which forces his chest to dip. Plays in a recovery mode too often. Unaware and late to tract when it comes to blocking stunts and delayed blitzes. OSR:17/ 41. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 1/8, H-9 1/2, BP-26, 10-1.79).