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Myles Bryant | 30

CB | Washington | Houston Texans
Ht: 5077 / 5' 08" | Wt: 185 | Upd: 04/29/2024


Birth Date: 01/02/1998
Age: 26
Original Team: NE FA
NFL Entry: 20 CFA
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: U/NE
Team History: NE HOU

Player History

05/20 NE FA
09/20 NE waived
09/20 NE P/SQ 1
09/20 NE activated 2
08/21 NE waived
09/21 NE P/SQ 0-3
10/21 NE activated 3
10/21 NE P/SQ 4
10/21 NE activated 4
10/21 NE P/SQ 5
10/21 NE activated 6
01/22 NE Covid-19
01/22 NE activated 18
07/22 NE NFI
08/22 NE activated
03/23 NE RFA tender
03/24 NE UFA
03/24 HOU UFA signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about MYLES BRYANT: Washington, 5077 183 4.65. Two-year starter, Pasadena, CA. Second-team All-Pac 12 in 2019. Undersized prospect who has experience at safety and in the box over a slot. Aggressive quick twitch athlete who gets the most out of his size and ability. Played zone and man working as a strong safety/slot corner. Quick lateral agility gets him into flat coverage with depth and width. Processes routes with vision to see multiple threats and the quarterback. Sudden plant and drive on the underneath throw. Solid to mirror route breaks in man. Quick reactions get him downhill on perimeter runs. Has made some big hits in the backfield. Needs to go low versus bigger ball carriers. Quick to make tackles after the catch but lacks length to get hands to the catch point. Can get separated by speed on a vertical route. Catch up ability is limited. Bigger targets can wall him off and get yards on the catch. A solid athlete who plays tough and smart. Lack of length and speed are issues projecting to the next level. 2019 stats: 68 T, 4.5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 PBU, 1 FF, 3 INT. OSR:21/24. Seventh round/PFA. (A-29 1/2, H-9 1/8, VJ-31.5, SS-4.02).