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Quintin Morris | 85

TE | Bowling Green | Buffalo Bills
Ht: 6022 / 6' 02" | Wt: 252 | Upd: 03/08/2024


Birth Date: 01/21/1999
Age: 25
Original Team: BUF FA
NFL Entry: 21 CFA
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: CF21
Team History: BUF

Player History

05/21 BUF FA
08/21 BUF waived/partially guaranteed contract
09/21 BUF P/SQ 0-8
11/21 BUF activated 8
11/21 BUF P/SQ 9-14
12/21 BUF Covid-19
12/21 BUF P/SQ 16-19
01/22 BUF FA for 22

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about QUINTIN MORRIS: Bowling Green, 6022 243 4.80. Three-year starter, Richmond, TX. Earned All-MAC honors in 2019 and 2020. The former top prep basketball player chose the gridiron over the hardwood. He was number two on the team in catches in 2018 behind current Tampa Bay receiver Scotty Miller. Since then, he has led the team with 75 catches for 897 yards. The next leading pass catcher totaled 34 catches for 458 yards over that span. Morris was the focal point of that passing game and even though he got a lot of attention from opposing defenses, he still produced. Plays through injuries, he puts himself on the line when attacking the ball, and he will make tough catches in traffic. He should be able to fit into a number two or three tight end role and offer an extra, accessory-type element to a passing game. A natural receiver with soft hands and easy looking ball skills. Shows a smoothness when attacking the ball both in space and traffic. Has been the focal point of the team’s passing game since the start of 2019. Competitive and tough in traffic. Will put his body on the line and finish off plays. Has a wide frame with some pop to it. Can bully defenders and shield them from getting to the ball. Shows quick and easy adjustments to the ball. Will show grit as a receiver and ball carrier. Lacks the size when it comes to height and length. Won’t be a factor as a blocker. Doesn’t get a push and struggles to maintain good contact and positioning after his initial hit. Techniques are off from being reliable. Had multiple concentration drops with nobody around him in 2020. Overall athleticism when it comes to speed, burst, and leaping ability is average. 2020 stats: 20-248, 12.4 ypr. Sixth/seventh round. (A- 32 1/2, H-10 1/2, VJ-34, SS-4.65).