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Jalen Mayfield | 77

OG | Michigan | Atlanta Falcons
Ht: 6055 / 6' 06" | Wt: 320 | Upd: 03/17/2023


Birth Date: 05/23/2000
Age: 22
Original Team: ATL
NFL Entry: 21 03 068
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: 21/3
Team History: ATL

Player History

06/21 ATL D/C signed
09/22 ATL IR
11/22 ATL IR/DFR 11
12/22 ATL IR 14

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about JALEN MAYFIELD: Michigan, 6055 320 5.39. Junior entry, two-year starter, Grand Rapids, MI. Earned Honorable Mention All-Big 10 honors in 2019. Initially opted out of the 2020 season but changed his mind, playing in just two games before suffering an ankle injury. Only 15 career starts on his resume. His upside is obvious, as his size and athleticism are easy to respect. Carries a lot of weight on a big and wide frame and it certainly plays a role in his dominant run blocking. When he gets a strong punch and maintains inside hand position he looks lethal. Still pretty raw when it comes to techniques in pass protection and overall staying power. Has multiple holes in his footwork after he is engaged with his man, narrowing his base and playing too tall. Has starter-upside and could make a move inside where his pop off the ball could factor earlier in his career. Checks all the desired boxes when it comes to size and ability. Big and wide with athletic feet and strong hands. Consistently gets inside position and will lock on. Very controlling blocker, most notably in the running game. Will drive block defensive linemen like they are a sled. Keeps the legs engaged and maintains good force throughout. A true finisher. Will play through the whistle. Gets his head across, sinks his hips, stays sticky. Excellent initial footwork up the edge in pass protection. Can kick slide his way up the outside quickly with control and balance. Beats defenders to the point. Excels at pulling out of his stance laterally. Comfortably moves  with good speed in the open field. Needs to improve his power and strength below the waist. Had a disappointing workout at his pro day. Notes prior to 2020 – In 2019 he caught our eye with his aggressive yet patient play versus all-world pass rusher Chase Young. Effective in both the run game and as a pass protector. A long torso knee bender who plays square in pass protection. Moves his feet on contact. Has some surge and shock to his game. Good body control with the ability to redirect and shift his weight quickly. Always looking for work. Helps his guard or tight end as needed. Good awareness at the snap of the ball. Uses his hands effectively with quickness, punch, and placement. Gets his hands inside the frame. Will drop his hands at times but recovers and replaces on the defender’s breast plate. Mentally and physically tough. Concentrates on his job. Good balance and easy feet. Blocks well on the move staying balanced. Plays with effort and hustle. Good lateral agility to cut off inside go by defender. Can anchor, bow his back, and drop his weight versus power. First/second round. (A-32 5/8, H-9 3/4, BP-NA, 10-1.81).