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Tyree Jackson | 3

QB | Buffalo | DC Defenders
Ht: 6070 / 6' 07" | Wt: 249 | Upd: 01/27/2020


Birth Date: 11/07/1997
Age: 26
Original Team: DC
XFL Entry:
XFL Exp: R
Depth Chart Key:
XFL Team History: DC
Original NFL Team: BUF FA
NFL Entry: 19 CFA
NFL Exp: R
NFL Team History: BUF

Player History (XFL)


Player History (NFL)

05/19 BUF FA
08/19 BUF waived

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about TYREE JACKSON: Buffalo, 6070 249 4.59. Junior entry from Norton Shores, MI. A three year starter with a 17-14 record. A big strong-armed passer who lacks deep ball accuracy. Has a long and somewhat slow delivery. Athletic enough to scramble for positive yards. Tendency to throw high off his back foot. Despite his length, Jackson has a low delivery point. Throws the ball with a high overhand delivery. Accuracy is inconsistent and scatter armed. His lower body is not tied into his upper body. Plays in a shotgun spread tempo offense. Flashes ability to extend plays. A streaky passer who is inconsistent and inaccurate in stretches. Has a strong arm but lacks arm talent. Decisions are as streaky as his passing. Makes as many bad decisions as he does good ones. Throws into double coverage. Question field vision and awareness. Struggles to hit a moving target at full speed. Inconsistent to throw a catchable ball short. Timing and touch are off. May be a lead-by-example only quarterback. His play against a lower level of competition did not inspire confidence in what Jackson will do on Sundays. A developing size and athletic prospect. Raw as a pocket passer and will need work reading NFL defenses. 2018 stats: 225/407, 3131 yds, 55.3%, 28 TD, 12 INT, 161 yds rushing, 7 TD, 136.7 QB rating. Ball velocity 54 mph. OSR:2/16. Third/fourth round. (A-34 1/4, H-10 1/4, SS-4.59, VJ-34.5).