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NFL Draft

Dave Syvertsen's Top 96

Dave Syvertsen, Senior Draft Analyst
11/06/2023 10:26AM ET

1) Marvin Harrison Jr. – WR/Ohio State

Hard to find a dent in his armor. Will be a WR1 right away just like Ja’Marr Chase was when he was drafted by Cincinnati in 2021, except Harrison Jr.’s game is even cleaner.


2) Caleb Williams – QB/USC

2023 has not been the smooth ride many were expecting and part of that does fall on the quarterback. But the truth is, there is not a player I want on the field more than him down four with two minutes left.


3) Drake Maye – QB/North Carolina

As was the case last season, Maye is the best pure thrower and most consistent passer in this class. The gap between him and Caleb is miniscule, and any team will be lucky to get either.


4) Brock Bowers – TE/Georgia

Get over the lack of ideal size and realize his body type and skill set are used as weapons that very few tight ends have. This is a blend of George Kittle, Jeremy Shockey, Dallas Clark and in a league that is built on matchup problems, Bowers is the prize.


5) Olumuyiwa Fashanu – OT/Penn State

The easiest mover among all offensive linemen with an ideal frame that will undoubtedly fill out over the next couple of years, as the 20-year old still has plenty of physical development ahead. This is a near identical copy to D’Brickishaw Ferguson inside and out, but with an even better lower half.


6) Rome Odunze – WR/Washington

He is checking more and more boxes with each month that passes and this is after he maintained his sub 4.4 speed while adding 10-15 pounds last offseason. A true threat on all three levels of the route tree that has mightily improved his ball skills.


7) Joe Alt – OT/Notre Dame

Son of former first round pick and longtime NFL offensive lineman, John, the former tight end is still relatively new to the position compared to most prospects months away from hearing their name called. Plain and simple, though, Alt does not have many losses in one-on-one situations.


8) Keon Coleman – WR/Florida State

Former Michigan State basketball player (an elite program) has exploded onto the scene after his transfer to FSU and a real offense with real talent around him. There may not be a better pass catcher and playing the ball in the air, and he’s just getting started.


9) Laiatu Latu – ED/UCLA

There will be medical questions that need answers, but like former Bruins defensive end (and eventual first round pick) Jaelan Phillips, Latu’s impact on the game has been heavy and constant since week 2 of 2022. Best pure pass rusher in the class.


10) Dallas Turner – ED/Alabama

Speed kills and Turner has the best combination of get off and bend in this group. He remains a work in progress when it comes to the power game, but the studs are there to view him as an eventual Brian Burns-type threat.


11) Malik Nabers – WR/LSU

An absolute pitbull with the ball in the air and after the catch. Credibly projects to multiple receiver positions and will thrive in any passing scheme because of the strong and fast skill set.


12) Cooper DeJean – CB/Iowa

He has a credible shot at being the top “Swiss Army Knife” defender to come out in quite some time. His nose for the ball, short area explosion, and physical nature can disrupt the offense in so many ways.


13) Jared Verse – ED/Florida State

The best size-speed-power combination of the edge defenders. There are some lateral tightness and overall creativity shortcomings but his talent alone is going to cause problems.


14) Kool-Aid McKinistry – CB/Alabama

Opponents are rarely throwing in his direction but for the second straight year, when they are, their success rate is incredibly low. Next in line from a program that produces excellent pro defensive backs yearly.


15) Troy Fautanu – OG/Washington

A college tackle, Fautanu best projects inside but he does have length to stay outside depending on the situation he is drafted into. Hyper-active power blocker that will immediately add to the brawler-mentality of a line.


16) Tyler Guyton – OT/Oklahoma

This can be a similar situation to what we saw in last year’s OU tackle, Anton Harrison, that quietly crept up into round one. Guyton is a better athlete, plays with stronger hands, and is more effective in the run game.


17) Bralen Trice – ED/Washington

The 2022 season’s leader in pressures nationally, Trice is heating up once again and currently top six in 2023. You will have a hard time finding a pass rusher that plays with more hustle and grit, but do not overlook the blend of tools he possesses.


18) JT Tuimoloau – ED/Ohio State

For teams that want a quality edge rusher without compromising run defense and ability to set a hard edge, he will be high on the list. His matchup against Fashanu will be a feather in his cap that very few have.


19) Jayden Daniels – QB/LSU

An ascending player that can threaten a defense in countless ways. Lightning-fast release, lightning-fast burst as a runner.


20) Jer’Zhan Newton – DT/Illinois

Quick pressure is the trend pro defensive schemes are calling for and there is not a better three-tech in the class that Newton, an every down disruptor that is rarely off the field.


21) Tyler Nubin – S/Minnesota

General of the defense type that plays a physical, reliable brand as a tackler but has also proven over multiple years to be top shelf with the ball in the air. 12 career interceptions, including six over his last 12 games.


22) Josh Newton – CB/TCU

Hard-to-find fluidity merged with intelligence and anticipation. Throw the experience in both man and zone along with consistent production, Newton has the makings of a big-time riser if he completes the pre-draft process at a high level.


23) Denzel Burke – CB/Ohio State

Has missed some time to injury but he is playing the best football of his career to this point and moves with incredible ease and cleanliness within his techniques.


24) JC Latham – OT/Alabama

Heavy hands and an anchor that could halt a crowd will serve him well in specific usage at the next level. If he can clean up some sluggish movement, he could easily project as plus-starter inside or outside.


25) Nate Wiggins – CB/Clemson

Another corner that has lost time to injury this fall, but this is a guy with the best size/speed/physicality combination right now. His tape against Florida State bumped him up a tier and there is still more to chew off if he can prove consistency.


26) Calen Bullock – S/USC

Will not be the best fit for everyone because of the smaller-than-ideal frame, but the rangy, easy-moving cover man gets to every point on the field early and has great ball skills.


27) Xavier Worthy – WR/Texas

Joystick quickness and change of direction with tremendous ball tracking over his shoulder will create explosive plays early on.


28) Graham Barton – OG/Duke

Will likely see a position move inside to guard (or even center) at the next level. Intelligent player with repeatable, easy-flowing technique from top to bottom.


29) Jordan Morgan – OT/Arizona

There are some questions that remain unanswered when it comes to staying outside at the next level, but there is a lot to like with his anchor, hand-work, and intelligence.


30) Kamren Kinchens – S/Miami

The good is very good, the bad is very bad. End of the day he is a playmaker (9 interceptions over last 18 games) that has ranked top four in tackles on team each of past three seasons.


31) Caelen Carson – CB/Wake Forest

A tough and hard-nosed competitor that will be attractive to defensive coaches that want to put their corners at the point of attack. No fear kind of guy.


32) Quinn Ewers – QB/Texas

Missing time to injury for the second straight year can rightfully raise durability concerns but there is no denying the improvements we have seen across the board as a pure passer from a year ago.


33) Roman Wilson – WR/Michigan

Reminds me of a few of the recent Ohio State draft picks when it comes to the elite movement traits that translate to elite route running and big play potential.


34) Troy Franklin – WR/Oregon

A complete receiver that has improved his play strength, a red flag from previous years, and has the speed to get over the top. Big play threat that needs to clean up the drops.


35) Jeremiah Trotter Jr. -  LB/Clemson

General of the defense that can make an impact on all three downs from multiple angles. Plays fast enough, strong enough, smart enough for the green dot in year one.


36) Chop Robinson – ED/Penn State

If a team is looking for quick pressure from the outside, Robinson can easily be considered one of the best-in-class. Fiery competitor with the try-hard mentality and speed to complement.


37) Michael Penix Jr. – QB/Washington

At first glance he looks a tad reckless but as one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the class, his turnover rate is incredibly low and he has been constantly improving.


38) Kris Jenkins – DT/Michigan

NFL lineage and standout physical traits do not always show up on tape, but the flashes are there to create the high ceiling outlook.


39) Princely Umanmielen – ED/Florida

Hard to ignore his SEC-high pressure rate and tool set that is made for life in the NFL. If he continues to develop those traits to just near-capacity, he is a first-round caliber guy.


40) Deontae Lawson – LB/Alabama

Next in line from a program that seems to pump out a pro linebacker every year. Lawson’s speed and heavy contact make him a menace to deal with for opposing running games but has also showed some pass rush potential.


41) Johnny Wilson – TE/Florida State

Put him with the receivers or tight ends, the concept is still the same. The size of the radius of this weapon for the passing game is rare. Can get vertical and has improved the ball skills, the most glaring issue from his 2022 tape.


42) Chris Braswell – ED/Alabama

Much of the attention is on Turner, rightfully so, but now that Braswell is more than a rotational backup, we are seeing what he can do with those top-shelf traits.


43) Emeka Egbuka – WR/Ohio State

Lacks the standout trait but has a safe feel to his game that will get open consistently and catch the ball. A third down threat with above average size and contact presence.


44) Ja’Lynn Polk – WR/Washington

Breakout season has already produced the most catches/yards/touchdowns of his career with more than four games left on the schedule. Complete receiver that plays strong and tough in traffic.


45) Barrett Carter – LB/Clemson

Physical gifts stand out on tape, and he brings alignment versatility to the defense that very few can. His feel for the game needs to improve but the upside is first round-caliber.


46) Leonard Taylor III – DT/Miami

Will flash dominance when he has his legs underneath him moving upfield, but the inconsistency and lack of repeatable techniques are going to require hard and constant attention early on.


47) Donovan Jackson – OG/Ohio State

After a rough start to the season, he is inching his way back to where he was over summer, and that is one of the top two or three guards in the class. Man-strength that flashes dominant traits.


48) TreVeyon Henderson – RB/Ohio State

Has had a roller coaster career and the nagging injuries have piled up but when he is right, the talent looks special. Gets through contact with pro-caliber power and strength and shows the final gear to run away from defenders in space.


49) Bo Nix – QB/Oregon

A great example of improvements coming via situation and surrounding cast. While he still has some bad decision making to overcome, the tool set is versatile and fits in well with what the NFL is looking for.


50) JJ McCarthy – QB/Michigan

Dependable and easy thrower from the pocket that can go through progressions with a slow pulse. If he shows more big-time performances in their upcoming big games, he can easily find himself in round one.


51) Michael Hall Jr. – DT/Ohio State

Lack of size won’t be for everyone but the get off and ability to win with his hands will create a lot of quick pressures. No slouch against the run, either.


52) Patrick Paul – OT/Houston

NFL frame and foot speed with the kind of frame that will easily hold more mass over time. He is a strong anchor away from being a clean, complete prospect.


53) J. Michael Sturdivant – WR/UCLA

Still rising up the board despite an awful quarterback situation in Pasadena. Makes moving at an elite speed look easy and smooth.


54) Malachi Moore – S/Alabama

Playing the hybrid Brian Branch role after taking a back seat in 2022. Versatility is king once we enter day two and Moore can play multiple spots at a high level.


55) Tyleik Williams – DT/Ohio State

A force against the inside run that is a tough assignment for a lone blocker because the blend of power and quickness. If the pass rush repertoire improves, he will rise.


56) Andrew Mukuba – S/Clemson

Now healthy, we are seeing the hybrid safety/nickel that can fill multiple roles on the back end. Versatile skill set will open up several doors for him on gameday.


57) Tory Horton – WR/Colorado State

Long-limbed with stability, twitchy with bend. A unique tool set that is raised to a higher level with his try-hard approach and toughness.


58) TJ Tampa – CB/Iowa State

Long and fast corner that will bring scheme versatility, effective both in man and zone. Playing the best football of his career right now.


59) Antwane Wells – WR/South Carolina

Has not played since his foot injury suffered on a touchdown vs. Georgia week three. He is near a return and will have a few games to prove that his dominance in late-2022 was no fluke. A unique playmaker.


60) Delmar Glaze – OT/Maryland

Twitchy feet paired with good size and heavy hands create easy-looking wins against some of his best competition. Right-left versatility is a plus and he credibly projects to both sides.


61) Ladd McConkey – WR/Georgia

After missing the first month of the season to injury, he is still getting up to speed and looking for more action in the passing game. Take that away and he projects to a savvy and dependable chain mover that can find hidden yards after the catch.


62) Taliese Fuaga – OT/Oregon State

A big, physical power blocker that has not allowed a single sack over his career to this point.


63) Brandon Dorlus – DT/Oregon

Ascending pass rusher that fits well into an inside-out role. One of the few credible defensive linemen that can project to multiple positions at a starter level.


64) Javon Bullard – S/Georgia

Intelligence and short area burst complement the versatility he can bring to the back end. Fits well into that third safety/nickel role.


65) Tommy Eichenberg – LB/Ohio State

One of the top pure tacklers in the class, both inside and outside, downhill and to the sideline.


66) Tre Harris – WR/Mississippi

Downfield threat with big and sticky hands still has to improve as a route runner but brings a higher ceiling than most to the table.


67) Darius Robinson – ED/Missouri

One of the more physically imposing edge defenders I’ve seen when it comes to the usage of heavy hands and setting a hard edge. Traits are there to be an effective outside-in pass rusher too.


68) Kingsley Saumataia – OT/BYU

He went nearly 600 college pass block snaps before allowing a sack. The freakish athlete has improved his skill set steadily and has the ceiling that the top tackles in this class have.


69) Trey Benson – RB/Florida State

Big and physical downhill runner that specializes in breaking tackles and picking up the extra yards. Has quietly averaged 6.5 yards per carry since transferring.


70) Malachi Corley – WR/Western Kentucky

Might be the best yard-after-catch receiver in this class and he does it with blend of strength and burst that is hard to find. Former 2-star recruit has become a standout athlete and competitor.


71) Malik Mustapha – S/Wake Forest

Has become a complete player on the back end, no longer just the downhill missile that can hit like a linebacker. Rangy and smart when moving with receivers upfield.


72) Braelon Allen – RB/Wisconsin

Can wear down a defense with his quick power and physical approach to the game but also has enough juice to create big plays (45 career runs of 15+ yards).


73) Jonathon Brooks – RB/Texas

Nearly picking up where Bijan left off, Brooks has his own running style that is built on patience and vision. Strong enough to run through tacklers (2nd in Power 5 in missed tackles forced) and has the extra gear to run away in space.


74) Bucky Irving – RB/Oregon

The lack of size shows up in a few different ways, but this guy moves different than everyone else. If the right offensive mind gets hands on him, the big play production will live on at the next level.


75) Ja’Tavion Sanders – TE/Texas

Still has some rawness to him after making the full time move to the offensive side of the ball just a few years but the tools and physical approach to the game will create a unique role for him if he can get more looks.


76) Ruke Orhorhoro – DT/Clemson

The lack of consistent impact on the passing game will matter but make no mistake about it, this is one of the strongest and most powerful defensive linemen in the class. Safe and reliable player that could evolve into a productive and impactful three down player.


77) Blake Corum – RB/Michigan

Hard to look past the production he will leave behind (3,000+ yards / 50+ touchdowns) and easy to see how natural of a runner he is when it comes to balance and vision. Pro-ready back in many ways.


78) Mitchell Evans – TE/Notre Dame

Stepping in the shoes Michael Mayer wore for three years is no small task but Evans already looks like a similar-level prospect as Notre Dame is still fighting to be considered “Tight End U”.


79) Mike Sainristil – CB/Michigan

Former receiver that has found his niche at nickel and continues to clean up subtle but important footwork components to the position. A playmaker that will also support the run hard.


80) KeAndre Lambert-Smith – WR/Penn State

Overlooked deep threat with all the tools to be a repeatable playmaker at the next level. Shaky quarterback play has taken away some production but when the opportunities are there, he shines.


81) Donovan Edwards – RB/Michigan

The looks simply have not been there in 2023 and he does not look fully recovered from 2022 knee injury. The long-term projection can easily be much higher than this if he ends the season strong.


82) Adonai Mitchell – WR/Texas

Smooth and savvy at a size where those movements traits are hard to find. Little rough around the edges within his skill set but the traits are starter-caliber.


83) T’vondre Sweat – DT/Texas

Will measure in as one of the biggest (6’4v/346v) if not the biggest among all defensive tackles in the class. Space eating will come natural but now he is setting career highs in pressure rate and tackles for loss.


84) Terrion Arnold – CB/Alabama

Has played a ton of football in just under three seasons but the former five-star recruit has cleaned up inconsistencies and has been playing excellent against vertical routes.


85) James Williams – S/Miami

The kind of guy that can immediately change the personality of a defense. Rare size and speed for the position and it will turn into heavy contact and enforcement.


86) Tyler Baron – ED/Tennessee

Height-weight-speed prospect that is playing the best football of his career as he ascends toward the level and grade of recent quality Tennessee edge defenders.


87) Zak Zinter – OG/Michigan

Former state champion and record holding shot putter is the classic Big Ten guard with all the size, hand strength, and grit. The difference here is how fast he can get off the ball and move into the initial positional wins.


88) Cooper Beebe – OG/Kansas State

Everything about his game is heavy, in both good and bad ways. Heavy hands and legs that can lock and anchor but also heavy feet that have a hard time transitioning laterally. Has played four positions on the line.


89) Tyler Davis – DT/Clemson

Another short-armed inside penetrator, Davis is a 5-year starter with consistent and reliable production. While the upside may be limited, he feels safe and should factor in as a solid package defender at least.


90) Jalen McMillan – WR/Washington

The third Huskies’ receiver in the top 90, McMillan brings the most speed to the table. A knee injury put him on the shelf for over a month, but he should be back for the final stretch to display he is much more than a vertical threat.


91) Brenden Rice – WR/USC

Simply put he is a step ahead of others when it comes to the nuances of route running and body positioning. Son of Hall of Famer Jerry has caught a touchdown in all but two games so far in 2023.


92) Cole Bishop – S/Utah

Versatile leader of the defense that has turned heads multiple times over the past two years. Will line up at three different positions and can be trusted to make the right decision and avoid mistakes over and over.


93) Xavier Legette – WR/South Carolina

One of the breakout stars of 2023 will be more-than doubling production from the four years prior combined. 220-pounder with long stride speed and incredibly strong hands.


94) TJ Sanders – DT/South Carolina

Standout frame and movement skills that have flashed high-end pass rush potential between the tackles. If the consistency with his techniques come, he can be a game wrecker.


95) Decamerion Richardson – CB/Mississippi State

Will rank near or at the top of the corner triangle numbers (height-weight-speed) and that is good for increased value every year.


96) Cade Stover – TE/Ohio State

Former linebacker and defensive end seems to improve every time I watch him and even though there will be a couple of slight physical shortcomings, this is a dude that will help a team win in multiple ways.