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2024 Draft Preview - Offensive Tackles

Dave Syvertsen
01/26/2024 3:50PM ET

1.  Fashanu, Olumuyiwa

Penn State   6060   317

Two-year starter, Waldorf, MD. All-Big 10 after starting just eight games in 2022. Does not turn 21 years old until December. Will further grow into his frame to complement his elite foot quickness and balance. Full body control and awareness while playing against speed. Naturally stays square with typewriter feet and accurate hands. Will mirror without losing the width and stance of his lower half. A natural bender that reaches his spots in a blink. Constantly beats the defender to the meeting point. Shows advanced techniques and understanding of the game within the game. Will get thrown off his point in the run game at times and is in need of more core strength.


2.  Alt, Joe*

Notre Dame    6080   315

Three-year starter, North Oaks, MN. Son of former Chiefs' offensive lineman John Alt who is in the franchise’s Hall of Fame. Did not make the full time move to tackle until he was in college. A swift athlete with an easy-moving lower half. Massive frame that is hard to get around. Easy re-direct that is hard to out-maneuver. Does a nice job of staying within himself and avoiding over-extension from the waist. Plays like he fully trusts his feet and frame. Has gained power and strength in the running game and will create a new line of scrimmage. Swings hips into hole and stays attached at both levels. Lack of explosion and high-hipped frame can create issues against low-pad level pass rushers.


3.  Guyton, Tyler 

Oklahoma   6070   327

Two-year starter, Manor, TX. A transfer from TCU that was athletic enough to play some H-Back early in his career for the Horned Frogs. Wide and functionally thick frame that carries his weight with ease. Fast in space, quick in traffic. Has the movement traits to handle anything the defense throws his way. Works hard and consistently to keep his hands inside and attached. Grip strength is a major factor in a lot of his wins. Latches on and prevents his target from moving laterally. Looks for work downfield and has the speed to hang. Will get caught being too aggressive, leading to some oversetting and whiffs on complex stunts.


4.   Morgan, Jordan

Arizona   6047   306

Four-year starter, Marana, AZ. First team All-Pac 12 in 2022 despite tearing his ACL in November. Rehabbed his way back and was on the field week one of 2023. Twitchy feet and hands give him an initial advantage. Gets and stays square to his target. Will keep the hands inside and trust his footwork to stay in front of his man. Seasoned and experienced, shows up on tape. Stays home on complex pass rush schemes up front. Keeps the eyes active and aware. Rarely found off balance. Has had multiple seasons end because of injury and there are too many losses against the bull rush and outside shoulder and it could move him inside.


5.  Latham, JC*

Alabama   6060   335

Two-year starter, Oak Creek, WI. A talented and powerful blocker who checks all the boxes when looking at the structure. Thick in the right places with an athletic base to hang with pro-caliber speed and suddenness. Absolute mauler that can bulldoze his man into the stands. Brings the proper demeanor as well. Plays with the mean streak, bodyguard type mindset. Anchor is steady, rarely loses ground when the balance is there. Still gets sluggish at times and will abandon technique, too reliant on the strength portion of his arsenal.


6. Fuaga, Taliese

Oregon State   6054   328 


7. Mims, Amarius* 

Georgia  6070  340


8.  Paul, Patrick 

Houston   6070   308


9.  Suamataia, Kingsley* 

BYU   6060   325


10.  Amegadjie, Kiran

Yale   6051   321


11.  Pearl, Julian

Illinois   6056   307


12.  Nelson, Jack

Wisconsin   6066   311


13. Belton, Anthony

North Carolina State   6052   344


14.  Glaze, Delmar 

Maryland   6044   321


15.  Foster, Javon

Missouri   6053   309


16.  Goncalves, Matt

Pittsburgh   6057   317


17.  Jones, Christian 

Texas   6050   320


18.  Cox, Marques 

Kentucky   6052.  317


19.  Coker, Andrew 

TCU   6064   304


20.  Dankwah, Anim 

Howard   6080   362


21.  Rouse, Walter

Oklahoma  6060   315


22.  Cornelius, Ajani

Oregon   6050   308


*Denotes underclassman