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2024 Draft Preview - Guards

Dave Syvertsen
12/30/2023 10:41AM ET

1.  Fautanu, Troy

Washington   6034   319

Two-year starter, Henderson, NV. All-Pac 12 at left tackle. Could project to either spot at the next level, but his game is best suited inside. Aggressive and explosive off the ball. Gets on his man in a hurry and remains active through the whistle. Keeps his feet moving and gets his hips involved in a hurry. Can play with a wide base and has unusual length for his frame. Strong lockout coupled with the athleticism to mirror at both levels. Gets to his point at the second level quickly while maintaining heavy contact. Needs to control his lunges for defenders, often caught off balance because of oversetting.


2. Barton, Graham 

Duke   6046   311

Four-year starter, Brentwood, TN. First team All-ACC at left tackle. Will likely move inside because of length limitations, but the experience outside will only boost his potential to help a team. Technique-savvy with strong, accurate hands. Sudden burst out of his stance in pass protection along with well-distributed weight through lower half gets him the initial win. Can slide in and out without losing his control and eyes. Climbs to the second level on combo blocks with ease and can win against speed and quickness. Will lose the reach battle and has a hard time recovering when he initially loses ground.


3.  Zinter, Zak 

Michigan   6053   314

Four-year starter, North Andover, MA. Two-time All Big 10, first team in 2022. Key part to an offensive line that won the Joe Moore Award two straight seasons. Prototype body and tools for the interior. Creates quick and ever-present power at the point of attack. Tremendous torque and core strength to maintain physical presence on the move. Savvy footwork and decision making. Gets on the right side of defenders and will produce more movement as the play goes on. Never satisfied, plays through the whistle and looks for work. Lack of natural lower body bend will get him in trouble against smaller, quicker opponents.


4.  Jackson, Donovan*

Ohio State   6040   320

Two-year starter, Bellaire, TX. First team All-Big 10. Mammoth frame that is simply hard to get around. Long and wide with a body that holds that weight with ease. Lockout game will keep defenders away from his frame. Can outreach most interior defenders and has athletic enough feet to maintain positional advantages. Attention to detail when it comes to technique is there. Works to keep the footwork active and hands inside. Explosiveness will create movement off the line in gap blocking scheme. Traits are there to be a dominant force. Falls off too many guys because of top heavy tendencies and inconsistent use of bend through lower half.


5.  Beebe, Cooper 

Kansas State   6032   331

Four-year starter. Kansas City, KS.  Two-time first team All-Big 12 at two different positions. Has played four spots along the line, all but center. Powerful force that produces heavy contact. Can create a new line of scrimmage with his initial punch but will also stay attached with good pad level and strong latch. Will stonewall the bull rush. Plays like he is unmovable against the bull rush. Tree trunk legs screw into the ground and will stay upright and square.  Numbers are always facing forward and he shows ability to keep hands inside. Lateral adjustments and the subtle quickness is a struggle in space, needs to be kept in traffic. 


6. Ratledge, Tate*

Georgia  6060  310


7.  Gray, Joshua 

Oregon State   6043   306


8.  Haynes, Christian 

Connecticut   6027   312


9.  Keegan, Trevor 

Michigan   6050   312


10.  Cohen, Javion

Miami   6042   339


11.  Laumea, Sataoa

Utah   6040   321


12.  Latham, Brady 

Arkansas   6047   308


13.  Truss, Xavier 

Georgia   6070   315


14. Adams, Isaiah 

Illinois   6040   318


15.  Coleman, Brandon 

TCU   6043   320


16.  Mahogany, Christian 

Boston College   6030   332


17.  Robinson, Layden

Texas A&M   6033   321


19.  Ayedze, Gottlieb

Maryland   6040   305


20.  Kingston, Jarrett

USC   6040   308


21.  Jones, Matthew

Ohio State   6035   315


22.  Horsey, Kenneth

Kentucky   6041   309


*Denotes underclassman