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Brett Boyko | 69

OT | UNLV | San Diego Fleet
Ht: 6065 / 6' 07" | Wt: 301 | Upd: 02/15/2019


Birth Date: 08/04/1992
Age: 28
Original Team: SD
AAF Entry:
AAF Exp: R
Depth Chart Key:
AAF Team History: SD
Original NFL Team: PHI FA
NFL Entry: 15 CFA
NFL Exp: 1
NFL Team History: PHI SD

Player History (AAF)


Player History (NFL)

05/15 PHI FA
09/15 PHI waived/partially guaranteed contract
09/15 PHI P/SQ 1-17
01/16 PHI FA for 16
05/16 PHI waived
06/16 SD FA
09/16 SD waived
10/16 SD P/SQ 5-17
01/17 SD FA for 17
09/17 LAC waived
09/17 LAC P/SQ 1-15
12/17 LAC activated 16
12/17 LAC waived 17
01/18 LAC FA for 18
09/18 LAC waived/injury settlement

Ourlads' Profile:

2015 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about BRETT BOYKO: UNLV, 6065 301 5.62. Fifth year senior. Four-year starter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Still somewhat raw to the position in comparison to other tackles. Played along the defensive line and quarterback in high school. Boyko is a technically sound, above average athlete. He does a lot of the little things right after the snap when it comes to his set up and approach. There is a lot of strength development that needs to take place here, making him a practice squad type candidate early on. He can move, bend, and strike very well. Considering his athletic background, the potential here is higher than most tackles in this class. Good athlete for the position and a frame that is comfortable holding 300+ pounds. Could easily add bulk without losing his ability to move. Natural bender with a strong initial punch. Specializes in being in good position. Easy balance and body control. Keeps his feet moving and his head up. Shows a long reach and works hard to keep his hands on the defender. Quick mover out of his stance. Will play hard through the whistle. Needs to improve his strength in both his lower and upper body. Struggles to anchor his position against powerful bull rushers. Won’t get a push at the point of attack as a run blocker. Easily fooled by the blitz and/or stunts. OSR:39/41. No lifting, left elbow. Seventh round/PFA. (A-32, H-9, BP-DNP, 10-1.94).