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Kameron Kelly | 24

CB | San Diego State | San Diego Fleet
Ht: 6015 / 6' 02" | Wt: 204 | Upd: 03/02/2019


Birth Date: 08/19/1996
Age: 24
Original Team: SD
AAF Entry:
AAF Exp: R
Depth Chart Key:
AAF Team History: SD
Original NFL Team: DAL FA
NFL Entry: 18 CFA
NFL Exp: R
NFL Team History: DAL

Player History (AAF)


Player History (NFL)

05/18 DAL FA
09/18 DAL waived

Ourlads' Profile:

2018 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about KAMERON KELLY: San Diego State, 6015 204 4.65. Three year starter from Murphy, TX. Started two years at safety and made the transition to corner for his senior year. May project to safety but has versatility for sub package play. Tall with a long frame. Shows decent playing speed with above average stop and start quickness. Some hip tightness as he can get separated on intermediate comeback routes, post and dig cuts. Plays with a big cushion but can close on the quick route. As the play is extended he tends to get a little upright in his pedal, hindering his change of direction. Instinctive in the deep outside zones as he reacts well to smash concepts. Has the range to cover a lot of ground in the deep zones. Good ball skills. Not used often as a press corner but could project to that with his length. As a corner he is at his best as a deep third player. Has the speed to keep pace with receivers on vertical routes. Fundamentally sound tackling form and skill. Explodes into the tackle with knee bend. Will miss occasionally but not the norm. Physical taking on blocks using his length to separate. Can get locked up at times by a bigger receiver. Is the gunner on punt teams and makes a lot of plays in kick coverage. His skill set is more of a safety as when he played there he showed the speed to get over the top and is solid in run support. Teams will like his versatility. Not a finished product but his upside will intrigue a team with the right scheme. 2017 stats: 68 T, 5 TFL, 2 sacks, 11 PBU, 2 FF, 3 INT. BTR:left 4.83, right 4.81. OSR:39/41. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 3/4, H-8 7/8, VJ-33, SS-4.28).