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Kurtis Drummond | 25

FS | Michigan State | San Antionio Commanders
Ht: 6005 / 6' 01" | Wt: 208 | Upd: 02/14/2019


Birth Date: 01/29/1992
Age: 28
Original Team: SAT
AAF Entry:
AAF Exp: R
Depth Chart Key:
AAF Team History: SAT
Original NFL Team: HOU FA
NFL Entry: 15 CFA
NFL Exp: 4
NFL Team History: HOU

Player History (AAF)


Player History (NFL)

05/15 HOU FA
09/15 HOU waived
09/15 HOU P/SQ 1-7
10/15 HOU activated 8
08/16 HOU IR
10/17 HOU waived 5
10/17 HOU P/SQ 5-6
10/17 HOU activated 6
09/18 HOU waived

Ourlads' Profile:

2015 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about KURTIS DRUMMOND: Michigan State, 6005 208 4.65. Two plus years as a starter from Masury, OH. A physical and rangy playmaker who is an active run support safety and impact hitter. Will contribute on all special teams coverage units. Breaks on the ball quickly in front of him. Can make plays at the high point by tipping the ball away at times. Instinctive with the ability to key and diagnose a play, pattern read, and anticipate with quick reactions. Can cover tight ends and backs man-to-man using his corner type skills. Plays best in zone coverage. Demonstrates good range to attack outside zones over the top and competes for the ball like a dog in a meat house. Big hands to keep blockers off his legs and the foot quickness to disengage and get to the ball carrier. His number one job for the Spartans was not to get beat deep. He aligned at 12-13 yards deep from the line of scrimmage. A good athlete with flexibility and football intelligence. He’s an aggressive defender going for the ball and has the size and strength to get more than his share. Demonstrates good body control as a tackler in the box or makes sure wrap up open field hits. Has all the raw talent and athletic tools to be an NFL starter. Will contribute on all special teams’ coverage units with his intensity and competitiveness. Will struggle in deep coverage if matched up on a speed receiver. Question hands at times after dropping interception balls right at him. Can be fooled by play action when he peeks into the backfield instead of staying on his receiver. Will take bad angles at times and launch behind the ball carrier instead of in front. Has some inconsistencies in his game that need to be cleaned up. 2014 stats: 72 T, 4 INT, 11 PBU. BTR:left 4.69, right 4.78. OSR:18/19. Fifth/sixth round. (A-32 1/4, H-10 3/8, VJ-39.5, SS-4.33).