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Florida State Seminoles Depth Chart
  • 0-0 (Overall)
  • 0-0 (Conf.)
  • Standing: (Atlantic)
ACC (Atlantic)  |   Tallahassee, FL  |   Stadium: Doak Campbell Stadium (82300)  |   Surface: Grass
Head Coach: Jimbo Fisher   |  Offensive Schemes: PRO-SET   |  Defensive Schemes: 4-3
Updated: 08/18/2014 8:25AM
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
WR-X 80 Greene, Rashad SR/3 84 Jones, Isaiah SO/1      
WR-Y 3 Wilson, Jesus SO/1 8 Whitfield, Kermit SO/1      
WR-Z 89 Green, Christian RS SR/3 12 Haggins, Jarred RS SR/3      
LT 75 Erving, Cameron RS SR/3 66 Weeks, Keith RS SO      
LG 70 Matias, Josue SR/3 72 Are, Kareem JR      
C 62 Barron, Austin SR/3 59 Hoefeld, Ryan RS FR      
RG 54 Jackson, Tre' SR/3 65 Carter, Ruben RS JR/2      
RT 51 Hart, Bobby SR/3 78 Bell, Wilson RS FR      
TE 35 O'Leary, Nick SR/3 33 Haplea, Kevin RS SR/1 4 Newberry, Giorgio RS JR/2    
QB 5 Winston, Jameis RS SO/1 10 Maguire, Sean RS SO/1 11 Franklin III, John RS FR    
FB 23 Stevenson, Freddie SO/1 44 Ponder, Cameron SR      
RB 9 Williams, Karlos SR/3 6 Green, Ryan SO/1 7 Pender, Mario RS SO 4 Cook, Dalvin FR  
RDE 15 Edwards, Jr., Mario JR/2 44 Walker, DeMarcus SO/1      
DT 90 Goldman, Eddie JR/2 4 Newberry, Giorgio RS JR/2 11 Mitchell, Jr., Derrick RS JR/1    
NT 99 Lawrence-Stample, Nile RS JR/2 95 Bryant, Keith RS FR 92 Shanks, Justin RS SO/1    
LDE 21 Casher, Chris RS SO/1 43 Hollin, Desmond SR/1      
SAM 52 Eligwe, Ukeme RS SO/1 21 Casher, Chris RS SO/1 6 Thomas, Matthew RS FR    
MIKE 5 Northrup, Reggie JR/2 10 Levenberry, E.J. SO/1 18 Hoskins, Ro'Derrick RS FR    
WILL 24 Smith, Terrance RS JR/2 6 Thomas, Matthew RS FR 10 Levenberry, E.J. SO/1    
CB 26 Williams, P.J. JR/2 27 White, Marquez SO      
SS 1 Hunter, Tyler RS JR/2 42 Brutus, Lamarcus RS JR/2 20 Marshall, Trey FR    
FS 8 Ramsey, Jalen SO/1 29 Andrews, Nate SO/1 22 Lyons, Tyrell RS FR 30 Blake, Colin RS SO/1  
CB 3 Darby, Ronald JR/2 6 Waisome, Nick SR/3 37 Smith, Keelin RS JR/2    
Special Teams
P 38 Beatty, Cason JR/2        
PK 19 Aguayo, Roberto RS SO/1        
LS 47 Gabbard, Stephen FR 40 Adams, Danny RS SR      
H 38 Beatty, Cason JR/2        
PR 3 Wilson, Jesus SO/1 80 Greene, Rashad SR/3      
KR 8 Whitfield, Kermit SO/1 9 Williams, Karlos SR/3 3 Wilson, Jesus SO/1    
KO 19 Aguayo, Roberto RS SO/1        
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