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Florida State Seminoles Depth Chart
  • 0-0 (Overall)
  • 0-0 (Conf.)
  • Standing: 0 (Atlantic)
ACC (Atlantic)  |   Tallahassee, FL  |   Stadium: Doak Campbell Stadium (82300)  |   Surface: Grass
Head Coach: Jimbo Fisher   |  Offensive Schemes: PRO-SET   |  Defensive Schemes: 4-3
Updated: 08/18/2015 2:35PM
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
WR-X 15 Rudolph, Travis SO/1 13 Harrison, Ja'Vonn SO/1 5 Phillips, Da'Vante FR    
WR-Z 3 Wilson, Jesus JR/2 1 Lane, Ermon SO/1 6 Campbell, George FR    
LT 77 Johnson, Roderick FR 62 Frith, Ethan FR      
LG 72 Are, Kareem RS JR/TR 70 Minshew, Cole FR      
OC 54 Eberle, Alec RS FR 57 Martinez, Corey RS FR      
RG 78 Bell, Wilson RS SO 52 Robbins, David FR      
RT 55 Mavety, Chad RS JR 74 Kelly, Derrick RS FR      
TE 81 Izzo, Ryan RS FR 85 Kerr, Jeremy RS SO 88 Saunders, Mavin RS FR    
QB 10 Maguire, Sean RS JR/2 16 Cosentino, J.J. RS FR 6 Golson, Everett RS SR/TR    
FB 23 Stevenson, Freddie JR/2 33 Plante, Colton FR      
RB 4 Cook, Dalvin SO/1 7 Pender, Mario RS JR/1 26 Vickers, Johnathan SO/1    
DE 44 Walker, DeMarcus JR/2 98 Leonard, Rick SO/1 21 Casher, Chris RS JR/2    
DT 99 Lawrence-Stample, Nile RS SR/2 11 Mitchell, Jr., Derrick RS SR/2 90 Christmas, Demarcus RS FR    
NG 91 Nnadi, Derrick SO/1 95 Bryant, Keith RS SO/1 12 Williams, Arthur RS FR    
BUCK 41 Featherston, Lorenzo SO 16 Pugh, Jacob SO/1 9 Sweat, Josh FR    
MIKE 5 Northrup, Reggie SR/3 18 Hoskins, Ro'Derrick RS SO/1      
WILL 24 Smith, Terrance RS SR/3 22 Lyons, Tyrell RS SO/11      
CB 8 Ramsey, Jalen JR/2 28 Jackson, Malique SO/1      
FS 42 Brutus, Lamarcus RS SR/3 37 Smith, Keelin RS SR/3 10 Brewton, Calvin FR    
SS 29 Andrews, Nate JR/2 3 James, Derwin FR      
CB 27 White, Marquez JR/1 7 Green, Ryan JR/2      
STAR 1 Hunter, Tyler RS SR/3 20 Marshall, Trey SO/1      
Special Teams
P 38 Beatty, Cason SR/3        
PK 19 Aguayo, Roberto RS JR/2        
LS 47 Gabbard, Stephen SO/1        
H 38 Beatty, Cason SR/3        
PR 3 Wilson, Jesus JR/2 15 Rudolph, Travis SO/1      
KR 8 Whitfield, Kermit JR/2 4 Cook, Dalvin SO/1      
KO 19 Aguayo, Roberto RS JR/2        
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