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Arizona State Sun Devils Depth Chart
  • 0-0 (Overall)
  • 0-0 (Conf.)
  • Standing: (South)
PAC-12 (South)  |   Tempe, AZ  |   Stadium: Sun Devil Stadium (71706)  |   Surface: Bermuda Grass
Head Coach: Todd Graham   |  Offensive Schemes: MULTIPLE   |  Defensive Schemes: MULTIPLE
Updated: 08/29/2014 12:03PM
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
WR-X 21 Strong, Jaelen RS Jr.. 80 Jefferson, Ellis RS Fr. 43 Beverley-Collins, Mark SO    
WR-Y 81 Chambers, Gary RS Jr. 89 Gammage, Frederick RS So.      
WR-Z 16 Smith, Cameron So. 15 Lewis, Ronald RS Fr. 14 Lauderdale, Eric Jr    
LT 74 Douglas, Jamil RS Sr. 57 Goodman, Evan RS So.      
LG 55 Westerman, Christian RS Jr. 76 Jones, Sam Fr      
C 50 Kelly, Nick Jr 77 McCray, Stephon RS So. 64 Wahlstrom, Easton Jr.    
RG 73 Teofilo, Vi RS Jr. 77 McCray, Stephon RS So.      
RT 54 Sulka, Tyler RJr/2 75 McGehee, William RS Jr.      
TE 12 Nelson, De'Marieya RS Sr. 83 Kohl, Kody RFr. 88 Martinez, Grant RS Fr.    
QB 10 Kelly, Taylor RS Sr. 2 Bercovici, Mike RS Jr. 3 Gerhart, Colton Fr 5 Wilkins, Manny Fr  
TB 8 Foster, D.J. Jr. 4 Richard, Demario Fr      
RB 25 Lewis, Deantre RS Sr. 9 Ballage, Kalen Fr      
NT 92 Hood, Jaxon Jr. 94 Cherry, Demetrius RS Jr. 76 Latu, Mo RS Jr. 54 Humphreys, Connor Fr  
DT 90 Smallwood, Tashon Fr 15 Smith, Corey RS Fr. 95 Wren, Renell Fr    
END 12 Hardison, Marcus Sr. 41 Latu, Viliami So. 6 Cox, Chans RS Fr.    
DEVIL12 Nelson, De'Marieya RS Sr. 97 Boateng, Edmond RS So. 20 Washington, Marcus RJr/2 32 Longino, Antonio RS Jr.  
SPUR 1 Moeakiola, Viliami (Laiu) RS So. 36 Williams, Luke RS Jr.      
SAM 58 Fiso, Salamo RS So. 44 Latu, Alani RS Fr.      
WILL 4 Calhoun, D.J. Fr 2 Sam, Christian Fr      
BC 17 Carrington, Lloyd RS Jr. 13 Perry, Armand Fr 10 Brown, Kweishi Jr    
BS 3 Randall, Damarious RS Sr. 5 Adams, Chad Fr 24 Scott, DeAndre Fr    
FS 10 Ball, Marcus RS Fr. 18 Johnson, James RS Fr. 38 Simone, Jordan RS Jr.    
FC 28 Means, Solomon RS Jr. 10 Brown, Kweishi Jr 5 Adams, Chad Fr    
Special Teams
P 26 Haack, Matt So. 27 Kegans, Dylan JRTR      
PK 98 Gonzalez, Zane So. 25 Garoutte, Alex Gr.      
LS 66 Shields, Donnie Jr. 64 Wahlstrom, Easton Jr. 63 Fraboni, Mitchell FR    
H 2 Bercovici, Mike RS Jr. 25 Garoutte, Alex Gr.      
PR 3 Randall, Damarious RS Sr. 7 Middlebrooks, Kyle RS Sr.      
KR 9 Ballage, Kalen Fr 21 Strong, Jaelen RS Jr..      
KO 25 Garoutte, Alex Gr. 98 Gonzalez, Zane So.      
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