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Ourlads Top 32 Plus, Including Juniors* as of 12-10-12

Updated: 12/23/2012 8:06AM ET

PickPlayerPos.SchoolHTWT40 Time
Geno SmithQB
West Virginia 
Athletic and accurate. After 11 games Smith has 37Tds only 5 ints, 3597 yds passing and completed 70.1% of his passes. He has a quick release, fluid motion and very good arm strength. An ascending player. English major that is dedicated and works to improve his craft in and off season. Talented ascending player.
*Jarvis JonesOB
Disruptive player in the offensive backfield. Thick upper and lower body. Athletic, rugged, and hard-nosed. Explosive player who comes up with big plays at key times in the game.
Star LotuleleiDT
Two-year starter plus three starts as a sophomore in 2010. Big, thick, and quick. Was voted the coveted Morris Trophy as the defensive lineman of the year by the Pac-12 offensive linemen. A big man who rarely comes out of the game. Good endurance. Moved to defensive end in three man front nickel package. Quick to diagnose the play after controlling his opponent. Quick reactions. Finds the ball. Can read trap and combination blocks. Reacts quickly on the snap. He can explode and unlock his hips with force. Good base leverage and lower strength with knee bend to hold the point. Stout inline play strength. Plays with good balance and use of hands. Good arm extension and hand placement.
*Damontre MooreDE
Texas A&M 
Explosive first step quickness. Long arms and very good athletic ability. Has the speed to turn the corner and go for the ball as well as a sack. Has some dip and lean ability off the edge.
*Luke JoeckelLOT
Texas A&M 
An explosive knee bender with good leg drive, strength, and surge. Equally productive as a pass or run blocker. Sets the edge of the offense on the left side with his lateral quickness and range.
*Bjoern WernerDE
Florida State 
Plays with knee and hip flexiblity to leverage and get under blocker. Good initial quickness and explosive force on his first step. Good use of hands to neutralize block and control the blocker with strength.
*Dee MillinerDC
Quick to read and react to run or pass. Good body control with loose hips and is smooth and fluid in his movement with no wasted motion. Good ball skills and reactions to play the ball down the field.
Manti Te'oIB
Notre Dame 
Four-year starter that was the Irish’s leading tackler the past three years. Plays square inside. Shuffles down the line and fills the running lanes in a 4-3 scheme. A thickly built linebacker of Samoan descent. A consistent and productive run play filler who is solid in coverage.
*Sam MontgomeryDE
Very athletic with a long rangy build. Flashes first step quickness and can close down laterally on inside runs. Takes good crossfield pursuit angles. Flies around the field looking to make plays.
*Barkevious MingoOB
Sudden first step. Disruptive in his play. An impact player who can run and finish a play. Plays hard. Tough to block one on one. Projects to an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Needs more upper and lower body strength to stop the run. Junior productivity a major question.
Matt BarkleyQB
Trojan pro style offense that features bubble screens, play action, and drop back passes. Outstanding touch and anticipation. Excellent timing with his receivers, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, who themselves will be future NFL first round draft choices. He gives the receivers a chance to do something with the ball. Accurate outside the pocket throwing the ball on the run. Throws the swing passes and check downs like he was born to do it. He features a quick compact arm and release holding the ball high.
*Johnathan HankinsDT
Ohio State 
More explosive than quick twitch. Strong penetrating one-gap and getting up the field. A power player who can stack a double team. Strong power rusher. Uses his hands well to push the pocket. Good thickness and strength.
*Taylor LewanLOT
Plays with a good base and knee bend in pass protection. In pass pro he has the ability to quick set with body quickness, change of direction, and can redirect with natural body control. Demonstrates attitude and aggression to engage in initial contact with base, balance, and knee bend.
Chance WarmackOG
Three-year starter who is powerful and explosive in his upper and lower body. Plays with a stout base and a boxer’s punch. A knee bender with long arms, thick body, and good balance. Stays on his feet when pulling. Strong on down blocks. Plays square and works to keep his hands inside the frame. Takes good angles to seal linebackers on the second level. Built like a Coke machine with arms.
Sheldon RichardsonDT
If you want an undertackle in the 4-3 scheme Richardson is ultra disruptive and productive.One of those sturdy linemen who can make himself small through the gap. Works to press the pocket while rushing the passer and is strong enough to stack a double team in the run game.A good effort and hustle player.
*Keenan AllenWR
Good hands to snatch the ball. Can get behind the secondary and separate with quickness and speed. Natural receiving skills. Has the feet to get his body in position to catch the ball. Elusive in space after catch.
*Xavier RhodesDC
Florida State 
A big corner that knocks down catchable balls. Good short area quickness where he can reroute receivers. Plays with good base and balance. Tough minded in his play.
Johnthan BanksDC
Mississippi State 
A three-year starter at corner and seven games at free safety as a freshman. Arguably the top senior corner heading into the fall with 12 interceptions and good length for the position. A slender wiry corner with long arms. Regularly goes for the strip when tackling a ball carrier. A “get them down” type tackler. Good hands and ball skills.
Sylvester WilliamsDT
North Carolina 
A wide body who plays square. Has the size, strength, temperament, and toughness to play a 2-gap nose tackle. Possesses good agility and ability to change directions. One of the few inside players who can rush the passer.
John JenkinsNT/DT
Two-year starter who is a junior college transfer. Started seven games as a junior. Only played one year of high school football. Can play in either the 3-4 or 4-3 scheme packages. Powerful at the point of attack. He can stop and stack with the best. Sheds the block quickly, locates, and tackles. Hits the blocker and ball carrier with an explosive force. Pushes the play deep into the backfield. Country strong.
Cornellius CarradineDE
Florida State 
Took over for the injured Brandon Jenkins and has not missed a beat. Long arms and big hands to control the blocker. Gets in the throwing lane with his long arms and bats down passes. Has good size, speed, and motor to develop into a Sunday contributor. Seminoles leading tackler. Late season ACL injury puts draft status in flux.
*Jake MatthewsOT
Texas A&M 
Good NFL DNA. Son of Hall of Famer, Bruce Matthews who played 19 years with the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans. Plays right tackle. Gets movement on his down blocks to create running lanes. As a pass protector he sets his base, plays with quick feet, and has the ability to play flat-footed and adjust with a lateral slide to a speed rusher. Plays with good knee bend and a good change of direction.
Alex OkaforDE
Three-year starter that has the ability to win the one-on-one battles. The rangy end can turn speed to power. He can dip his play side shoulder and turn the corner. Good flexibility to bend, leverage, and set the edge of the defense. Good use of his hands and long arms. This man is not content to stay on the line of scrimmage. He disengages quickly and hustles to the ball. He has the strength to pull and jerk an offensive lineman to the ground.
Terrance WilliamsWR
Three-year starter who is a fifth year senior. Plays in a spread zone based offense that distributes the ball to a variety of receivers and backs. Concentration and courage to catch over the middle. Holds the ball on contact. Good sized receiver who will compete for the ball in the air. Two of his biggest catches in 2011 were vertical “9” routes catching the ball for touchdowns versus Texas and Oklahoma. He can beat press man coverage off the line with his quick feet. Good contact balance to keep his feet after hit and get yards after catch.
Tyler EifertTE
Notre Dame 
Two-year starter with the second most tight end receptions in Notre Dame history. A big target similar to his tight end predecessors Kyle Rudolph, John Carlson, and Anthony Fasano. He finds the soft spots in zone coverage and at times on wheel routes. Can beat linebackers in man to man coverage. He can close the cushion when going vertical down the seam. Good enough speed to get deep. Adjusts well to the ball. Can make the over shoulder type catch. Battles for the jump ball.
*Alec OgletreeIB
An athletically talented, versatile inside or outside linebacker who plays square with good knee bend. Natural ability to find the ball. Explosive hitter. Aggressive and willing to initiate contact. Strong game vs Alabama
Eric FisherOT
Central Michigan 
Is an angular pass protector with long arms. Does a good job of pushing the defender up the field past the quarterback. Locks up smaller defensive ends. Gets movement on base run blocks. Has good mobility to pull and fold around and seal on the second level.
Kenny VaccaroSS
Three-year starter who is also a special teams’ coverage dynamo since his freshman year. An impact hitter in the open field and on the blitz. Explosive hitter to and through the ball carrier. When tackling he will throw his body at the ball carrier. Anticipates with good reaction, toughs, aggressiveness, and is competitive. Plays at a high level regardless of the opponent. Top end acceleration and speed. Fills the inside running lanes with aggressiveness. On run support he plays off blocks, squares up, and tackles. Physical take on safety that uses his hands, sheds, and stays on his feet. Good timing on blitzes where he pressures the quarterback and is disruptive in the backfield. Instant burst to quarterback. Good body control to work his way through traffic and make a play. Plays at 10 yards deep or walks up and plays nose to nose on the slot.
Kawann ShortNT/DT
Four-year starter who is built like a Sherman tank with long arms. A power player with good upper and lower body strength. Has the ability to control a blocker or flashes quickness to burst through a gap. Delivers explosive jolt to the blocker with his hands. Tough and aggressive. Plays with control and violence. His endurance has improved over last year, but must keep working to stay in shape so he can play in longer stretches. A big bodied inside player who can hold his ground and stack a double team. Most productive from end to end.
Jonathan CooperOG
North Carolina 
Competitive and explosive. His hands are quick and strong. Gains control of defender. Will lock out, position, and adjust his hands. Punches with authority. A good athlete with quick and nifty feet.
Chase ThomasOB
Three-year starter. A 3-4 or 4-3 outside linebacker candidate who was moved all over the Cardinal defense in 2011 to create positive matchups. Before teammate Shayne Skov emerged, Thomas was clearly the Cardinals’ best defensive player. Can put his hand down or stand up to rush. Relentless in his effort to get to the ball carrier. Doesn’t stay blocked. Will take on with his hands. Keeps the blockers off his body. Generally gets clean separation. Has the innate quickness to slip blocks. Skilled at leverage and grab control. Tough kid that comes hard. Hits with a strong force and neutralizes the blocker. Disciplined in his play. Disruptive player who creates sacks, hurries, pressures, and negative yardage plays. Can improve coverage skills and techniques once he gets in the NFL.
Barrett JonesOC
Four-year starter, the 2011 Outland Trophy winner may be the most decorated offensive lineman in Alabama history. He has experience at left tackle, guard, and center which makes his versatility a premium for all 32 teams. Along with the Outland Trophy, Jones won the Jacobs’ Blocking Trophy as the SEC’s top offensive lineman. In a nutshell, Jones has good foot quickness when he moves off the ball with the ability to move and slide his feet to perform various techniques required of an offensive lineman. He moves easily and always seems to take the proper steps and footwork. He is a natural knee bender that is smart.
Tyler WilsonQB
Two-year starter who backed up Ryan Mallet before he burst onto the national scene in 2011. He was the first Arkansas quarterback to ever earn 1st team All-SEC honors from conference coaches and the media. His arm is strong enough to complete passes off his back foot. He can feel and adjust to pressure. Athletic enough to scramble for positive yards with natural running ability.
*Eric ReidFS
Instinctive and active player who hustles in pursuit. Gets downhill quickly on run support and reacts well in space. Good body control with sure explosive wrap. The downside to his big hits are big misses at times.
Dallas ThomasOT
Good punch and explosiveness as a run blocker and pass protector. Gets his power from his flexible hips, knees, and ankles. Has the ability to stay balanced with knee bend. Can block on the move. Powerful on down blocks.
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