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Above is a sample of the 2018 Mock Draft Champion Ring. The Ring in YOUR favorite team's colored stone with your name will be presented to the winner of Ourlads' 7-Round Mock Draft Challenge.

User Mock Drafts

Mock Draft TitleUserViewsRounds
Clearly the best 2018 NFL mock draftitsjpfam1052
Let's Mock n' RollSleazy Ain't Eazy111
Reeves Mock 1.0breeveit347
THE Mock DraftGMoney562
cww58 draft #2cww58683
Dave Bales 1.0thewsk221
1.0RJ Burner111
Ruben's Mock Draft 1.0rubethedude03351
draft 1Eastleeroy291
Scott Mathews draftScottmathews1311
If the Browns can't get better after this draft then they are eternally screwedryanpiper1623
draft 1dylanjazynka422