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Ourlads' 2014 NFL Mock Draft Challenge | Create your own

Create your own 7-Round 2014 NFL mock draft, and post it on our site. Click the "Sign Up" button below to get started. It's FREE!
If you created a Mock Draft last year, you can use your existing username/password.

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Ourlads' Mock Draft Challenge Championship Ring
Above is a sample of the 2014 Mock Draft Champion Ring. The Ring in YOUR favorite team's colored stone with your name will be presented to the winner of Ourlads' 7-Round Mock Draft Challenge.

User Mock Drafts
Mock Draft TitleUserViewsRounds
what the allgeekedup2952
Scant Ant 300 Scant_Ant3001401
1st mock draft 1th_steelerfan5314
Jmm87 Mdraft jmm871087
2014 Mock Gerren22231
Mock Draft Manifesto Vol.4 (7 rounds with trades! Analysis for rounds 1 & 2) Ricked16217
Andrew's Mock Guy7765997
Strategic 7 Round Mock *Complete! 256 Picks! Includes trades and analysis for rds 1-2* Hot Love Robots12257
Big D's Mock Draft Dom1483
4 round mock junior4838484
2014 NFL Mock Draft Presenting211
Money Mock SMike252576
My picks on who should go where in all 7 rounds of 14 draft WhoDatWarrior2127
joshuawarren147@gmail.com sweet_h2o_josh322
DennyNevoDraft Dennis2627
gopackgo97 packersfanelite97527
uncle AL uncleAL92
Chipkings mock draft Chip3001171
Jasons Mock Draft 1.0 lionsfandet98081
luke bachmann mock draft lukeb553587
Matt D Mock Draft 2.0 mdjct08241152
tyler post fa mock RamsNation91892
mockmyway mybigboard4006
RespectDatStar DCcowboy532
Jens' Cornell perfection packersjens34372
MOCKGOD gobirds9191
TG Mock 2014 tgraff10071113
MNmastermind xxMNmastermindxx1421
18 jhuck1131
steelcitydreams slackout89161
JungleRock Mock JungleRock851187
Not-So-Rough Draft 3.0 Slavstradamus6007
EMEA Draft Experts 2.0 SageDraftServices404
Himura's Mighty Mockery Himura274
Matty stu mock draft Mattystu711
Mock Draft 8.0 Orange Crush1351
cs1 csitze142
K98 Kharm98183
Johnny P's 2014 mock jpersichini27991071
Mock My Words (TKE_117) *7 Rounds* TKE_117787
Who they SHOULD pick litlbruce181
tdfouard tdfouard334
Matt #1 mnmattarnold231
P.Basil's Mock-Final Draft (finally) P. Basil4687
Exact Replica 2014 newenglandfan12575
Go Go Buffalo! Clumping Platelets321
Justices mock 1.0 1987201
april 17 FACE885
Mock 1 BGreen93823
Billsrock!! Billsrock341
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