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Above is a sample of the 2017 Mock Draft Champion Ring. The Ring in YOUR favorite team's colored stone with your name will be presented to the winner of Ourlads' 7-Round Mock Draft Challenge.

User Mock Drafts

Mock Draft TitleUserViewsRounds
first thoughtswhitetail732
My 2017 NFL Draft Mock Draft (Updating A Lot) 12 10SkinzFan23943
1st Round ProjectionsChargers315361
tj1130 2/17/17tj1130211
7 Round Pre-Combine MockAll28Day1967
LAPORTE PATHTOTHEDRAFTpathtothe2017draft356
MCM Pre-Combine Mockmcmccullough1281
Pre Combine & Free Agencythompsun282
Dave Bales Mock 2.0 Pre Combinethewsk1191
Good luck 2017havoc2141
Draft 1.0TheKinG277222131
Aromatic sports Mock draft 2017Aromatic-sports654
Mock 1.0 pre combine/ free agencyphinfan in 5052303
Round 1 Mock Draft 1.0 2-28NFL RIOT181
Brook's DraftBigbrook143
Denny's DraftDennis1143
Matty Stu Mock 17Mattystu11
Peters first mockPetre41
Trent's MockTPrat33242
First DraftDavidTBFaninOregon441
Well Donembiaknicks1261
Mtoller mock draftmtoller91
Hopefully accuratePACKMAN141
Mock 2017Guy77651253
Pre-Combine DraftGCWTexans111
2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0ptrain10481
Mock Draft 1.0 (3 Round Mock)BigGamerElite243
Cookie's picksCoachCook65607
Mock Draft 1.0 Pre-CombineFutureJet6601341
Mock 2/19MTsports431
The real draftFlubby2212
Logan Marty 1martydom2291
NFL Mock Draft 1.0motocrushers91
Mock Draft 2lyons69777463
Stevie's mock draftStevie172
My first mockTrepokalyps111
mock draft 1TOPSZN92
Boyzguru MockBoyzguru8881
RS DRAFT 2017bobbyslyne493