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Ourlads' 2014 NFL Mock Draft Challenge | Create your own

Create your own 7-Round 2014 NFL mock draft, and post it on our site. Click the "Sign Up" button below to get started. It's FREE!
If you created a Mock Draft last year, you can use your existing username/password.

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Ourlads' Mock Draft Challenge Championship Ring
Above is a sample of the 2014 Mock Draft Champion Ring. The Ring in YOUR favorite team's colored stone with your name will be presented to the winner of Ourlads' 7-Round Mock Draft Challenge.

User Mock Drafts
Mock Draft TitleTypeUserViewsRounds
RZ League 2014-15LiveOLThunder30
#bucsnation mock draftLive#bucsnation330
Les SneadLivebearsfan22740
TE Eric EbronLiveLions expert1840
the cowboys get johonnys footballLivelillDRER770
Jags new GM 2014Livemybigboard1130
Dolphins GM 2014Livecount271260
2014 RZ League MockLiveWingo810
Official 2014 NFL Draft Rounds 1-2LivePresenting990
Mock Draft LiveLiveshockers1010
big allenLivealwoods860
Scant AntLiveScant_Ant300940
Round 2LiveP521070
EMEA Draft Experts Round 2LiveSageDraftServices880
2014 LiveLiveTannhauser1100
draft dayLiveChampions850
Big RollerLivealexc980
jjmaiteh Mock DraftLivejjmaiteh980
Live picksLivegojets13910
SoWhatElseSports Big MockLivenpbade1140
Mullets 2014LiveMullets970
Mock Draft All InLivealexclook890
Mock Draft All InLivealexclook870
My MockLiveswag_monster_69920
Joe Mock DraftLiveJoeLumpy890
McGee's Mock 1.0LiveMcGee's Mocks1160
Doppleganger - finalLiveDoppleganger1620
Zargoza ILiveZargoza830
NInerRyder1963 NFL Mock Draft for 2014LiveNinerRyder1963960
rez draftLiveCalmer_than_U-R810
Jason's Mock DraftLiveshaberjl860
Mike's DraftLivegbonez99890
Who is Adam Shadowchild?LiveAdamShadowchild820
Mike B.'sLivembraverman14930
What They Should DoLivelonestarqb780
George Hanson's Expert Mock Draft 2014LiveGeorge Hanson1020
HebrewShake Mock 4.0Originaldclark1751671
2014 Mock DraftLiveDbray1161210
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