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Notre Dame Fighting Irish Depth Chart
  • 8-5 (Overall)
Independents  |   South Bend, IN  |   Stadium: Notre Dame Stadium (80795)  |   Surface: Field Turf
Head Coach: Brian Kelly   |  Offensive Schemes: SPREAD   |  Defensive Schemes: 3-4
Updated: 12/30/2014 7:21AM
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
WR 7 Fuller, William SO 16 Hunter Jr., Torii SO      
WR   20 Prosise, C.J. JR      
WR 2 Brown, Chris JR 88 Robinson, Corey SO      
LT 78 Stanley, Ronnie JR 70 Bivin, Hunter SO      
LG 72 Martin, Nick SR        
C   75 Harrell, Mark JR      
RG 79 Elmer, Steve SO 62 McGovern, Colin SO      
RT   68 McGlinchey, Mike SO      
TE   80 Smythe, Durham SO 13 Luatua, Tyler FR    
QB 8 Zaire, Malik SO 5 Golson, Everett SR      
RB   25 Folston, Tarean SO 1 Bryant, Greg SO    
DL     93 Hayes, Jay FR    
DL 89 Matuska, Jacob SO 75 Cage, Daniel FR      
DL 90 Rochell, Isaac SO 92 Blankenship, Grant FR      
DL 45 Okwara, Romeo JR 98 Trumbetti, Andrew FR      
LB 48 Martini, Greer FR 5 Morgan, Nyles FR      
LB 9 Smith, Jaylon SO 48 Martini, Greer FR      
LB 17 Onwualu, James SO 31 Turner, John JR      
CB 36 Luke, Cole SO 12 Butler, Devin SO      
S 22 Shumate, Elijah JR 16 Hardy, Eilar SR/SUS      
S 10 Redfield, Max SO        
CB   19 Watkins, Nick FR      
Special Teams
P   85 Newsome, Tyler FR      
PK   85 Newsome, Tyler FR      
LS 61 Daly, Scott JR 99 Smith, Hunter JR      
H 8 Zaire, Malik SO 99 Smith, Hunter JR      
PR 1 Bryant, Greg SO        
KO   85 Newsome, Tyler FR      
SUS   6 Russell, KeiVarae SUS/Aca 11 Williams, Ishaq SUS/Aca 8 Moore, Kendall SUS/Aca 16 Hardy, Eilar SR/SUS
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