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Missouri Tigers Depth Chart
  • 12-2 (Overall)
  • 7-1 (Conf.)
  • Standing: 1st (Eastern)
SEC (Eastern)  |   Columbia, MO  |   Stadium: Faurot Field (67124)  |   Surface: FieldTurf
Head Coach: Gary Pinkel   |  Offensive Schemes: SPREAD   |  Defensive Schemes: 4-3
Updated: 04/14/2014 12:18PM
PosNoPlayer 1NoPlayer 2NoPlayer 3NoPlayer 4NoPlayer 5
WR-X 18 Leftwich, Wesley RS SO        
WR-Z 8 White, Darius RS JR 4 Moore, J'Mon FR   2 Washington, L'Damian RS SR/3  
LT 76 Williams, Jordan RS FR     68 Britt, Justin RS SR/3  
LG 61 Copeland, Max RS SR/1 70 Gatti, Anthony RS JR      
C 77 Boehm, Evan SO/1 63 McNulty, Brad RS SO/1      
RG 60 McGovern, Connor RS SO/1 73 Hall, Mitch RS SO      
RT 65 Morse, Mitch RS JR/2 62 Chappell, Taylor RS SO      
QB 7 Mauk, Maty RS FR 9 Printz, Eddie FR   1 Franklin, James SR/2  
RB 32 Hansbrough, Russell SO/1 6 Murphy, Marcus RS JR/2 36 Steward, Morgan RS FR 20 Josey, Henry RS JR/2  
TE 21 Sasser, Bud RS JR/1 80 Culkin, Sean RS FR 98 Echard, Clayton RS SO 81 Waters, Eric SR/3  
Y 21 Sasser, Bud RS JR/1 16 Copelin, Levi RS FR   85 Lucas, Marcus SR/3  
H 88 Hunt, Jimmie RS JR/2 87 Otte, Gavin JR      
DE 56 Ray, Shane RS SO/1     52 Sam, Michael RS SR/3  
DT 89 Hoch, Matt RS JR/2 97 Augusta, Josh FR      
NT 90 Brantley, Harold RS FR 96 Vincent, Lucas RS JR/2      
DE 33 Golden, Markus RS JR/1 55 Burnett, Brayden RS SR/3   47 Ealy, Kony RS JR/2  
SLB 8 Bonner, Donovan RS SR/3 40 Green, Clarence RS SO 25 Newsom, Donavin RS FR    
MLB 30 Scherer, Michael RS FR     48 Wilson, Andrew RS SR/3  
WLB 10 Brothers, Kentrell RS SO/1 12 Ruise, Darvin RS JR/1      
CB 11 Penton, Aarion FR 26 Smith, Xavier RS JR/2   31 Gaines, E.J. SR/3  
SS 9 Webb, Braylon RS JR/2 21 Simon, Ian RS SO      
FS 5 Browning, Cortland RS SO     17 White, Matt RS SR/3  
CB 1 Gibson, John RS FR 3 Johnson, David RS SO   7 Ponder, Randy RS SR/2  
Special Teams
P 92 Brinser, Christian RS JR 99 Baggett, Andrew RS SO/1      
PK 99 Baggett, Andrew RS SO/1 91 Owens, Blake RS JR      
LS 86 Hurrell, Jake RS FR 69 Hall, Mitch RS SO/1      
H 9 Webb, Braylon RS JR/2 16 Copelin, Levi RS FR      
PR 6 Murphy, Marcus RS JR/2 21 Simon, Ian RS SO      
KR 6 Murphy, Marcus RS JR/2 32 Hansbrough, Russell SO/1      
KO 99 Baggett, Andrew RS SO/1 91 Owens, Blake RS JR      
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