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Fantasy Football

Week 16 Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Jim Saranteas @thefantasygreek
12/25/2020 1:22PM ET

For most, this is the end of the road for the 2020 fantasy football season. If your leagues end in Week 17, do yourself the favor and end it a week earlier next year as Week 17 rosters are full of risky plays both on and off the fantasy gridiron.

There are some substantial injury issues for some team owners. Here are the main ones with considerations to keep in mind.

Julio Jones may not play this weekend. If he does not, Russell Gage will get another chance to contribute to the offense and would make for a strong WR3 or flex-play in what should be a pass heavy offensive game against the Chiefs.

Ezekiel Elliott missed the first game of his career last week due to injury. In his place, Tony Pollard posted 132 all-purpose yards and scored two touchdowns. Elliott has been struggling for weeks. Should he play, he will be tough to trust in your fantasy football championship. Treat him as a flex-play at best. Should Elliott sit, start Pollard with full confidence as a low-end RB1.

The Jaguars James Robinson left last week’s game with an ankle injury and his start for Week 16 is in question. Should he play, Robinson will have a tough match-up against the Bears but still gets RB1 consideration as a volume player. Should Robinson sit, the Jaguars will likely resort to a committee of Dare Ogunbowale and Devine Ozigbo. Both are desperation RB2 or flex-plays, better avoided altogether, with Ogunbowale the favorite to get most touches.

DeVante Parker missed last week with a hamstring injury. He has a chance to play, and if he does, gets a favorable match-up against a weak Raiders pass defense. If Parker plays, treat him as a low-end WR2 with upside. If not, Lynn Bowden is worthy of a flex-play if you are desperate for help.

Keenan Allen was limited last week and could be limited again due to a pesky hamstring injury. With Hunter Henry placed on the Covid-19 list, Mike Williams and Jalen Guyton become sneaky sleeper plays. 

The fantasy football playoffs begin this week. Good luck!


You can track player injuries here.




1          P. Mahomes, Chiefs

2          J. Allen, Bills

3          A. Rodgers, Packers

4          K. Murray, Cardinals

5          L. Jackson, Ravens

6          J. Hurts, Eagles

7          D. Watson, Texans

8          T. Brady, Buccaneers

9          R. Tannehill, Titans

10        J. Herbert, Chargers

11        M. Trubisky, Bears

12        D. Brees, Saints

13        B. Mayfield, Browns

14        R. Wilson, Seahawks

15        M. Ryan, Falcons

16        T. Tagovailoa, Dolphins

17        M. Stafford, Lions

18        J. Goff, Rams

19        B. Roethlisberger, Steelers

20        K. Cousins, Vikings

21        G. Minshew, Jaguars

22        P. Rivers, Colts

23        A. Dalton, Bengals

24        D. Carr, Raiders

25        D. Lock, Broncos




1          D. Henry, Titans

2          A. Kamara, Saints

3          D. Cook, Vikings

4          D. Montgomery, Bears

5          N. Chubb, Browns

6          J. Taylor, Colts

7          A. Jones, Packers

8          T. Pollard, Cowboys

9          A. Ekeler, Chargers

10        M. Sanders, Eagles

11        D. Johnson, Texans

12        L. Fournette, Buccaneers

13        D. Swift, Lions

14        J. Dobbins, Ravens

15        J. Jacobs, Raiders

16        C. Carson, Seahawks

17        M. Davis, Panthers

18        M. Gordon, Broncos

19        J. Wilson, 49ers

20        K. Drake, 49ers

21        K. Hunt, Browns

22        L. Bell, Chiefs

23        D. Henderson, Rams

24        M. Gaskin, Dolphins

25        B. Snell, Steelers

26        Z. Moss, Bills

27        J. McKissic, Washington

28        W. Gallman, Giants

29        G. Bernard, Bengals

30        S. Ahmed, Dolphins

31        S. Michel, Patriots

32        C. Edmonds (Q), Cardinals

33        N. Hines, Colts

34        F. Gore, Jets

35        M. Brown, Rams

36        L. Murray, Saints

37        G. Edwards, Ravens

38        D. Singletary, Bills

39        L. Bowden, Dolphins

40        P. Barber, Washington

41        I. Smith, Falcons

42        P. Lindsay, Broncos

43        K. Ballage, Chargers

44        D. Williams, Chiefs

45        D. Ogunbowale, Jaguars

46        D. Ozigbo, Jaguars

47        T. Johnson, Jets

48        C. Hyde, Seahawks

49        J. White, Patriots

50        T. Gurley, Falcons





1          T. Hill, Chiefs

2          D. Adams, Packers

3          D. Hopkins, Cardinals

4          C. Ridley (Q), Falcons

5          S. Diggs, Bills

6          A. Robinson (Q), Bears

7          A. Brown, Titans

8          M. Evans, Buccaneers

9          B. Aiyuk, 49ers

10        J. Jefferson, Vikings

11        D. Moore, Panthers

12        D. Metcalf, Seahawks

13        R. Woods, Rams

14        A. Thielen, Vikings

15        C. Davis, Titans

16        M. Jones, Lions

17        D. Johnson, Steelers

18        J. Landry, Browns

19        T. Hilton, Colts

20        A. Cooper, Cowboys

21        T. McLaurin, Washington

22        K. Allen (Q), Chargers

23        M. Brown, Ravens

24        B. Cooks, Texans

25        C. Godwin, Buccaneers

26        T. Lockett, Seahawks

27        C. Kupp, Rams

28        E. Sanders, Saints

29        C. Beasley, Bills

30        C. Lamb, Cowboys

31        T. Higgins, Bengals

32        A. Brown, Buccaneers

33        R. Gage, Falcons

34        R. Higgins, Browns

35        R. Anderson, Panthers

36        J. Smith-Schuster, Steelers

37        C. Claypool, Steelers

38        N. Agholor, Raiders

39        C. Samuel, Panthers

40        K. Coutee, Texans

41        J. Crowder, Jets

42        T. Patrick, Broncos

43        L. Bowden, Dolphins

44        A. Lazard, Packers

45        T. Johnson, Chargers

46        D. Chark, Jaguars

47        C. Hansen, Texans

48        G. Ward, Eagles

49        D. Mooney, Bears

50        L. Shenaiult, Jr., Chargers

51        S. Watkins, Chiefs

52        B. Perriman, Jets

53        J. Meyers, Patriots

54        A. Jeffery, Eagles

55        M. Valdes-Scantling, Packers





1          T. Kelce, Chiefs

2          D. Waller, Raiders

3          M. Andrews, Ravens

4          T. Hockenson, Lions

5          G. Kittle, 49ers

6          L. Thomas, Washington

7          R. Tonyan, Packers

8          R. Gronkowski, Buccaneers

9          N. Fant, Broncos

10        T. Higbee, Rams

11        D. Goedert, Eagles

12        A. Hooper, Browns

13        J. Cook, Saints

14        J. Smith, Titans

15        E. Engram, Giants

16        H. Hurst, Falcons

17        Z. Ertz, Eagles

18        J. Akins, Texans

19        D. Schultz, Cowboys

20        E. Ebron, Steelers

21        C. Kmet, Bears

22        I. Smith, Vikings

23        T. Eifert, Jaguars

24        D. Arnold (Q), Cardinals

25        D. Knox, Bills





1          Ravens

2          Browns

3          Bills

4          Bears

5          Dolphins

6          Cardinals

7          Buccaneers

8          Steelers

9          Saints

10        Washington

11        Rams

12        Colts

13        Chiefs

14        Seahawks

15        Texans

16        Panthers

17        Packers

18        49ers

19        Eagles

20        Chargers

21        Patriots

22        Cowboys

23        Giants

24        Titans

25        Broncos





1          Y. Koo, Falcons

2          J. Tucker, Ravens

3          H. Butker, Chiefs

4          W. Lutz, Saints

5          R. Blankenship, Colts

6          J. Sanders, Dolphins

7          T. Bass, Bills

8          R. Succop, Buccaneers

9          J. Myers, Seahawks

10        M. Crosby, Packers

11        G. Zuerlein, Cowboys

12        K. Fairbairn, Texans

13        J. Slye, Panthers

14        D. Carlson, Raiders

15        M. Gay, Rams

16        D. Hopkins, Washington

17        M. Prater (Q), Lions

18          C. Parkey, Browns

19        C. Boswell, Steelers

20        M. Nugent, Cardinals

21        D. Bailey, Vikings

22        R. Gould, 49ers

23        N. Folk, Patriots

24        C. Santos, Bears

25        S. Gostkowski, Titans



Injury Report Week 16