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NFL Draft

Lorenzo Carter, LB, Georgia

Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads' Senior Draft Analyst
08/10/2018 4:08PM ET

There are freak athletes who look the part.  And then there are guys like Lorenzo Carter.  While it took the fourth year senior some time to develop after being a five-star recruit out of high school, his grade improves week by week.  He could potentially be budding into a first round caliber player.  He has been a part of the Georgia rotation all four years, but he is now a feature, if not THE feature, defender on that top tier defense.  This is the kind of athlete that scouts, coaches, and general managers alike drool over.

What He Does Well:

A lot of what Carter’s grade will be is going to revolve around his tools and upside.  A player with his height and length combined with the amount of muscle mass he possesses is hard to find.  Add in how well he moves and the images of what he can do for a defense can excite anyone.  As a straight line mover, he can swallow a gap between him and the ball carrier in a blink.  He has long, powerful strides with great acceleration.  The initial burst he shows when rushing off the edge along with solid leverage and flexibility can make him a terror for an offensive tackle to deal with.  He has heavy hands and he knows how and where to place them when engaging a blocker.  Carter is a physical player who will play fast and aggressive in a variety of linebacker roles. 

Where He Needs Work:

The football player in him has not yet caught up to the athlete in him.  Carter struggles to make quick reads post-snap and will often be a step behind, leaving him in poor positions to pursue the ball carrier.  He isn’t as effective in traffic as he is in space because of the slow reads and lack of instincts.  His rush moves need improvement and more consistency.  Carter is simply a player who just comes across very raw at times, and there are stretches where he doesn’t stand out in any area.