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NFL Draft

College Playoff Games - December 29

Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads' Senior Draft Analyst
12/31/2018 2:17PM ET


#81 Miles Boykin – WR – 6’4/228

Fourth year senior that wasn’t really on the radar until this season.  Ended up being the number one pass catcher, going for an impressive 54/803/8.  Boykin is a big, muscular, physical target that has some long stride speed to him if he gets some space to work with.  He will have issues separating from corners in the NFL but the tools and 2018 tape will be enough to get him drafted day 3.

#53 Sam Mustipher – OC – 6’3/304

Fifth year senior.  Three year starter that overcame some poor play early in his career.  Was benched at one point but re-gained his spot and has excelled since.  Tough, gritty, hard nosed signal caller that has a lot of pre-snap responsibilities.  2nd Team All American in 2018.  Has some lateral movement issues but he will be drafted early day 3.  Has starter upside.

*#86 Alize Mack – TE – 6’5/247

Fourth year junior. A former top tier recruit that was in and out of the starting lineup early in his career.  He flashed upside but never quite put things together.  He then got suspended for all of 2017 due to academics. 2018 was a huge year for him and he responded well.  He put together quality tape both as a pass catcher and blocker.  He has the NFL body that could use more bulk, but his movement is what makes him a potential day 2 pick.  He is a quick acceleration athlete with plus leaping ability.  Mack will be viewed as one of the highest upside TEs in the class.  He will be playing at the Senior Bowl.

*#42 Julian Okwara – DE – 6’5/241

Junior that hasn’t declared yet.  I am leaning towards him coming out.  2018 was his breakout year and while he does play a Hot/Cold style, I think the attraction is strong when you look at the tools and know there is still a lot of untapped upside.  He is a good worker that will likely reach that upside.  A starter in the NFL within a couple years.  Day 2 pick right now.

#99 Jerry Tillery – DT – 6’7/310

Fourth year senior prospect, three year starter.  Has been a big hit on campus since he stepped foot on the field.  A rare combination of height, weight, length, and speed.  Tillery has developed pro-caliber hand work and technique and the athletic ability to impact a game all over the field.  He is often found far away from the point of attack making tackles and assists.  Now with that said, I haven’t put him into the first round tier yet.  I don’t see a special pass rusher in him and too often I saw a lack of stout-ness against the run.  He will be most attractive after the Combine because I expect him to do very well in workouts and look good doing it.

#23 Drue Tranquill – LB – 6’2/233

Fifth year senior that missed a lot of action early in his career because of multiple knee injuries.  Medicals will be big for him.  But he has started every game for 3 straight seasons.  The team captain is a blend of old school grit and new school ability.  He has some safety-caliber coverage skills and plenty of range against the run.  Tranquill is a reliable tackler and tireless worker than teams love to bring in on day 3 of the draft.Will be playing in Senior Bowl.

#4 Te’Von Coney – LB – 6’1/240

Three year starter and team leader in tackles each of the past 2 seasons.  Really stout defender against the run.  Can take on blockers and deliver violent blows to linemen and backs alike.  Coney lacks some speed in pursuit and coverage, but he thrives at getting the job done in traffic.  Every defense needs a LB like Coney and I think he gets drafted day 3 to impact special teams and the running game.  Will will be playing in Senior Bowl.

*#27 Julian Love – CB – 5’11/189

Junior that has started 2 and a half years.  Likely to come out after his 2nd Team All American season.  A very solid, smart player that does a lot of the NFL-caliber techniques very well.  Ideal blend of patience and aggression.  Understands angles and windows to make plays and will be all over receivers without getting flagged.  Has a chance at round 1 if he works out well.

Other Notables:

#2 Dexter Williams – RB – 5’11/215



DT Dexter Lawrence was suspended for the game due to failed drug test

#13 Hunter Renfrow – WR – 5’10/180

Fifth year senior.  An undersized slot receiver that lacks a lot of physical traits that you look for in a WR prospect.  However the constant with him since 2015 is dependability in the biggest of moments.  Renfrow knows how to get open, plain and simple.  Route running, suddenness, and toughness in traffic makes him a 3rd down weapon.  Pair him with the right QB in the NFL and he can be a 75+ catch guy year in, year out.  3rd/4th rounder if he times out well enough.

#75 Mitch Hyatt – OT – 6’5/305

Has been starting since he stepped foot on campus in 2015.  Began his career as a Freshman All American.  Has been All ACC every year of his career.  Hyatt looks a little better on paper than he does on tape.  He isn’t an impact guy on contact and the lower body speed is average.  He plays balanced and consistent when it comes to technique, but I just don’t see a big enough upside to call him a starter in the NFL.  4th/5th rounder at best that is best suited to back up multiple spots.

#50 Justin Falcinelli – OC – 6’4/315

Fifth year senior.  All ACC in both 2017 and 2018.  A violent road grader.  Plays with a bully-type approach and can get solid movement off the ball.  Has the versatility to play guard when needed.  He is a tad too slow when trying to slide laterally but he is an ideal fit for some schemes. 

*#99 Clellin Ferrell – DE – 6’5/260

Fourth year junior.  Many expect him to come out and be a top 10 pick.  Brings the ideal frame to the table.  Has been putting pressure on QBs from the beginning and has been one of the most consistent edge defenders in the country.  He really took his game to another level this year when it comes to reaction speed and technique.  He covers a ton of ground with just a few steps and his inside rush moves to offset that are NFL-caliber right now.  Everyone is talking about Bosa as the top edge guy, but a case can be made that Ferrell has a higher ceiling.

#7 Austin Bryant – DE – 6’6/280

Bryant had to wait his turn to get a starting nod on this defense.  2017 he broke out with 15.5 TFL and 8.5 sacks.  He earned 3rd Team All ACC honors in 2018 and even though he isn’t the top tier prospect his fellow linemates are, don’t overlook him. Bryant brings as much power presence to the table as any DE in this class.  At 280 pounds, he moves well enough to account for some edge threat but his real game is once he gets in contact with blockers.  He can really do damage at that point.  2nd or 3rd rounder with limited upside but a high floor.

#42 Christian Wilkins – DT – 6’4/300

Senior that surprised many at this time last year when he opted to return to school.  Overall it was a good move, as I think Wilkins played his way into a top 15 overall slot in this class.  He is an incredible athlete for the position and his simple presence will put blockers on their heels.  His instincts and hustle are off the chart and the impact he makes on contact is second to none.  Wilkins is a coach’s favorite that will play right away in the NFL and can change the outlook of any defense he is put into from day one.  A true difference maker that I probably grade higher than most.

*#57 Tre Lamar – LB – 6’4/255

Junior that hasn’t declared yet.  He did file paperwork with the Advisory Board and it sounds like they think he has a 2nd round grade.  If so, I expect him to come out.  When it comes to tools and upside, Lamar’s package is as good as any off ball LB in the class.  The 2nd Team All ACC, two year starter will wreck workouts and his speed translates to the field very well.  Physical player that can rush the passer in addition to solid coverage against tight ends.  There is a lot you can do with this kid.

#34 Kendall Joseph – LB – 6’0/225

Fifth year senior.  Team leader in tackles two straight years.  Third Team All ACC.  A stout run defender with some decent straight line speed, but lacks some eye/gap discipline and doesn’t factor in coverage.  He is physically limited but I think his physical style and stoutness can get him drafted day three.  Will be a special teams monster. 

*#1 Trayvon Mullen – CB – 6’1/195

Junior that hasn’t made a decision yet.  Has stated that he will come out if the Advisory Board gives him a 1st or 2nd round grade.  I think he will net that.  Really good size and speed for the position.  Plenty of fluidity in his hips.  Didn’t make a ton of plays on the ball but he wasn’t tested much either. 

*19 Tanner Muse – S – 6’1/230

Fourth year junior.  Hasn’t made a decision yet.  I am split on him because I think there is something  left to gain for him in college, but he has stated he wants to ensure his body is ready for post-football life.  That tells me he wants to get into the league as soon as possible and I think Muse can be a day 2 pick.  He is a really thick body that can play a linebacker type role in certain situations.  However he has excellent straight line speed that can factor in deep coverage which can help a defense in a variety of ways.  He was 3rd Team All ACC and even though there is some stiffness to his movement in short areas, I think he can be a very important player to a defense early in his career. 

Other Notables:

#1 Trevion Thompson – 6’1/205

#80 Milan Richard – TE – 6’3/255

#67 Albert Huggins – DT – 6’3/315

#2 Mark Fields – CB – 5’10/180



*#1 Kyler Murray – QB – 5’10/195

There has been some chatter about Murray shifting his focus from baseball back to football.  The 2018 1st Round Pick of the Oakland A’s is headed towards the diamond, but his Heisman Trophy may give some the notion he can hang in the NFL.  I’m not in that camp.  I think he is too small and he didn’t show anything near the passing ability of Baker Mayfield in the OU system.  He is an exciting player that can make a lot happen on his own, but Murray’s style won’t translate to sustained NFL success.  If anything, he is a running back prospect, one that I wouldn’t look at until day three.  I think he ends up sticking to baseball anyway.

*#5 Marquis Brown – WR – 5’10/160

Junior that hasn’t declared yet.  I think there is a good shot he will after his 1st Team All Big 12 season.  Arguably the most explosive player in the class if he does come out.  Legit sub 4.4 speed and maybe the quickest acceleration we’ve ever seen, think Tyreek Hill type speed.  Brown’s issue is obviously his size.  There aren’t many players in the league that can sustain success at 160 pounds.  He really doesn’t play through contact well, thus there is a lot of all-or-nothing to his game.  This league loves speed so I could see someone using a first round on him but I will likely grade him out on day 2.

*#74 Cody Ford – OT – 6’4/338

Fourth year junior.  Wasn’t really on my radar coming into 2018, as he had just 7 career starts, all at left guard.  His move to RT was the right one, as he earned 1st Team All Big 12 honors and is knocking on the door where first rounders go.  Ford looks a little rough in pass protection, but he doesn’t get beat.  There is some development that still needs to be done but his grit, hustle, and hand strength can make him NFL-ready early in his career.  As of now he is a day 2 pick, but don’t be surprised if he comes out and gets his name called in the top 20.

#75 Dru Samia – OG – 6’5/297

Three year starter that has shown steady improvement each season.  Has starting experience at RT and RG.  First Team All Big 12 in 2018.  Really violent, aggressive blocker that is a lot of fun to watch.  He makes a strong impact in the running game.  Has shown good athletic ability as a lateral blocker.  He can really clear a lane.  Many came into the year talking about Powers, I think Samia is the better prospect. Will be playing in Senior Bowl.

#72 Ben Powers – OG – 6’4/314

Three year starter.  Second Team All Big 12 for 2 years, First Team in 2018.  Has a nice frame with good body control, just lacks some impact as a point of attack blocker.  Doesn’t engage his legs well and will rely too much on his top half.  I think Powers is close to tapped out when it comes to upside.  I think he is a day three prospect that will be a career backup.

*#90 Neville Gallimore – DT - 6’2/316

Fourth year junior that hails from Canada.  One of the physical freaks of the class if he comes out.  Will run a forty that can hang with most defensive ends.  He is a really comfortable athlete that can bend, explode, and change direction.  A top tier run stuffer.  He hasn’t really made the impact on passing downs and that may prevent him from being a 1st round pick, but someone will get him in round 2 and put him into the rotation right away.  He immediately brings any run defense to new heights. 

Other Notables:

#45 Carson Meier – FB – 6’4/245

#18 Curtis Bolton – LB – 6’0/218



#34 Damien Harris – RB – 5’11/214

Fourth year senior that surprised many by returning for his senior year after a solid 2017.  Has averaged over 7 yards per carry each of the past 3 seasons.  He is NFL-ready week 1 of 2019.  Runs with a really physical style, can take on contact and remained balanced and moving north.  He added some quickness and agility to his game this year while maintaining the power and ability to break through initial contact.  Harris wasn’t used often in the passing game, thus his receiving skill set will need to be figured out in the pre draft process.  Harris may be a 4 year back, but he was not run into the ground.  They split carries so much at Alabama that he comes into the league with plenty tread left on the tires.  1st rounder.

*#82 Irvin Smith Jr – TE – 6’4/241

Junior that hasn’t declared.  I think there is a good shot he comes out although he could pull an OJ Howard and return for his senior year and cement himself as a 1st rounder.  Really broke out over the second half of the year.  He is a legit deep threat from the TE spot with as much speed and explosion as any TE prospect available.  He had a few drops that were concentration based, which I hate to see.  But Smith screams upside and matchup problems for opposing defenders. 

*#73 Jonah Williams – OT – 6’5/301

Junior that hasn’t declared yet, but I expect him to.  Williams has been the top left tackle in the country since week 1 and nothing has even come close to changing that.  He has the elite-level body control and balance that stems from athletic, balanced footwork.  Everything looks smooth and easy for the three year starter.  I do think he still has a little ways to go when it comes to power development, but he is NFl ready right now and could mold into a Joe Thomas caliber tackle.

#71 Ross Pierschbacher – OC – 6’4/301

Fifth year senior.  Has starting experience at OG and OC.  First Team All SEC two years in a row.  Reliable and consistent.  Has plus foot speed and an aggressive initial punch.  Shows some trouble sustaining on an island against quickness but he is likely a year 1 starter in the NFL.  Not a fit for every scheme but his versatility helps.  Day 2 pick.

#49 Isaiah Buggs – DE – 6’5/287

The top JUCO recruit in 2016.  Two years at Alabama have molded him from upside player to pro-ready right now.  There will be different opinions on where his ideal position will be in the pros, but with the amount of defenses running multi-front looks, Buggs is going to be in high demand.  He is a smart player that can change his identity based on situations.  Teams love that kind of versatility and even though his athletic ability won’t jump off the screen, he will be valued highly.  Day 2 pick, with an outside shot at round 1.

*#92 Quinnen Williams – DT – 6’4/295

Third year sophomore.  He was a package defender last year, thus he wasn’t on anyone’s radar until 2018 was underway.  The All American has now put himself in to the elite top 5 tier and there are talks he could be #1 overall depending on who is picking there.  He moves a lot like Aaron Donald.  Explosive, quick, and slippery.  He has looked downright unstoppable several times this year and I think the best is still a ways ahead of him.

*#99 Raekwon Davis – DT – 6’7/308

Junior that hasn’t declared yet.  I think he will lean towards coming out. He showed some dominant traits in 2017, leading the team with 8.5 sacks.  He took a step back on the state sheet as Williams broke out and the overall Alabama front simply has so much talent.  Davis isn’t for everyone.  Some are really attracted to the size and speed while others think it can be detriment in NFL trenches.  He doesn’t play low enough and he simply won’t get the push he sometimes gets in college.  There is a lot to work with though and if the right DL coach gets his hands on him, Davis can be a big time player.  High risk/reward player.

#47 Christian Miller – OLB – 6’4/244

Fifth year senior.  Son of former Giants and Vikings LB Corey Miller.  2018 was a big year for him, as he struggled to break into the rotation early in his career and a broken arm limited his 2017 to just a few games.  He finished with 7 sacks on the year and proved he can be an every down edge defender in the league.  Really good eye discipline and attention to detail.  He is a great assignment-player.  There is some more physical development needed for the long limbed defender, but he will be a starter at some point.  3rd or 4th rounder that needs some time.

*#33 Anfernee Jennings – OLB – 6’3/266

Fourth year junior.  One of the most physical edge defenders you will see all year.  Really powerful and mean.  Excels as a point of attack defender that has some moves on the edge as a rusher.  Lacks the top gear in explosion and speed, but that won’t be his game.  He can handle NFL blockers right now but his lack of impact on the passing game is noteworthy.  If he comes out, I think 3rd or 4th round and will give you reliable but unspectacular levels of play.

*#14 Deionte Thompson – S – 6’2/196

Fourth year junior that will likely come out, as he will be the top safety in the draft.  A potential top 10 pick.  I love his size and speed combined with the proven ability to forecast and react.  First Team All SEC.  He made some plays early in the year that made me think of nobody other than Ed Reed.  He reaches the sidelines in an instant and plays the ball like a receiver.  He may be a bit too lean but Thompson plays hard and physical.  He needs to shore up his tackling but if you draft this kid, your defense will make more plays.  It is that simple.

Other Notables:

#84 Hale Hentges – TE – 6’5/254

#66 Lester Cotton – OG – 6’4/325