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NFL Draft

College Bowl Games - December 27

Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads' Senior Draft Analyst
12/28/2018 2:20PM ET


#7 Ryquell Armstead – RB – 5’11/215

Fourth year senior.  It’s been a back and forth affair for Armstead.  I remember seeing him at the tail end of his sophomore season in 2016 and was ready to label him an early entrant for the 2018 draft where he would be a sought after commodity.  2017 didn’t go as planned but he bounced back well this season.  Really tough between the tackles.  Breaks through contact consistently and falls forward. Can run away from guys in space.  Wasn’t used as a pass catcher often but I do like the willingness to block.  Team guy.  4th/5throunder.

#6 Rock Ya-Sin – CB – 6’2/190

Played 3 years at Presbyterian before transferring to Temple because the program shut down.  Coaching staff loved him right away, gave him the heralded single digit jersey number, saved for the team’s toughest players.  I’ve seen him 5 times this year and I may end up putting him in my top 10 at the position when all is said and done.  I love his size/speed/balance combination.  Also a hard nosed player that tackles well.  He is one of the guys that will have the most to gain with a good week at the Senior Bowl.

#2 Delvon Randall – S – 6’1/215

Three year starter and two time 1st Team All AAC honoree.  Versatile threat that plays a smart and hard nosed style.  You can trust him as a last line of defense in coverage but also against a downhill ball carrier.  Will be interested to see how he times.  Can be an early day 3 guy.  Will be playing at the Shrine Game.

Other Notables:

#77 Jaelin Robinson – OG – 6’6/325

#9 Michael Dogbe – DT – 6’2/280, Had a breakout Sr. Year. Will be in in Shrine Bowl.



#17 Daniel Jones – QB – 6’5/225

Fourth year junior that is expected to declare.  Will be one of the names discussed when it comes to potential top 10 picks because of the position he plays and a lackluster QB group overall.  Jones has the prototypical look, release, and arm strength.  Very good size that comes with more than enough mobility.  He played with, by far, the worst supporting cast among the other legit QB prospects being talked about in round 1.  Coming from the Cutcliffe system, the same coach that molded by Manning brothers, you have to like how ready this kid can be early in his career.  Tough kid that may make money if he plays in the Senior Bowl.

#80 David Helm – TE – 6’4/255

Fifth year senior that began his career at Tennessee.  Three years at Duke where he jumped off the screen, and showed enough as a blocker and pass catcher to warrant a late pick consideration.  Will be playing at the Shrine Game.

#70 David Harris – OT – 6’6/310

Fifth year senior.  Just a one year starter but I liked what I saw out of him this year.  Comfortable blocker with balance and control, consistent hand placement.  If he can benefit from a pro strength and conditioning program, I think there is something here.  Worth a late round flier.

#34 Ben Humphreys – 6’2/225

Fourth year senior.  Comes from a family of big time athletes.  Three year starter that never really got over the hump to the next level after his impressive 2016 season.  Humphreys is a good athlete that can factor in coverage.  He doesn’t work through traffic the way I want, but he is a hard nosed, emotional leader type that can make a team via special teams early on.  Has some upside. 

Other Notables:

#3 TJ Rahming – WR – 5’10/170

#5 Jonathan Lloyd – WR – 6’0/190

#81 Davis Koppenhaver – TE – 6’4/240



#78 Tyree St. Louis – OT - 6’5/320

Three year starter.  Two years at RT and one at LT.  Honorable Mention All ACC.  Has some DJ Fluker in him in that his length and power can overwhelm all defenders in most situations.  However just like Fluker, his red flags revolve around reading pass rushers.   Boom or bust type that needs work, but has starter upside. Will  be playing at the Shrine Game.

#74 Tyler Gauthier – OC – 6’5/300

Two year starter with some experience at OG.  Plus-athlete after the snap that can reach the second level with ease.  Plenty of balance and efficient movement.  Looks a little short-armed and he does struggle when left alone with a bull rusher that has size.  I like his feisty/athletic style. .  Late rounder.

*#99 Joe Jackson – DE – 6’5/265

Junior that hasn’t declared yet, but I expect him to.  Has been the top edge guy on this team since he put on the uniform.  Honorable Mention All ACC.  Hustler with a lot of talent and tools to work with.  Doesn’t play stout, but he is aggressive and will make a lot of plays against the run.  Lacks moves and refinement, but a DL coach will be very excited to work with him.  Day 2 pick.

#9 Gerald Willis – DT – 6’4/300

Fifth year senior that began his career at Florida.  He got in to trouble a few times and was dismissed from the program and transferred to Miami.  His off field issues are still in the picture, but he has a very solid 2018.  Second Team All ACC.  Strong and nasty off the snap.  Plays the game like an angry hothead.  He immediately elevates the physical-ness of a defense the second he steps on the field and he can fit into multiple schemes.  His interviews will be really important.

*#55 Shaquille Quarterman – LB - 6’1/235

A former top tier recruit that everyone wanted out of high school.  Has been All ACC every year of his three year career.  I think he will come out and be a top 100 pick.  He plays fast and physical.  A lot of range, good tackling, and can be a factor against the pass.  Very important traits for LB in this era.

#28 Michael Jackson – CB – 6’1/205

Two year starter that jumps off the screen here and there.  Lacks consistency and looks a hair too low to turn his hips and burst.  The tools are impressive though and there will be several coaches that are drawn to this kid physically.  I just think he lacks specific skills at the moment, so at best a 3rd rounder on my sheet.  Will be playing at the Shrine Game.

#4 Jaquan Johnson – S – 5’11/195

Another former top tier recruit that was wanted by everyone.  Second team All ACC two years in a row.  Team leader in tackles both in 2017 and 2018, but he didn’t make a lot of impact plays this year.  Tough to evaluate a safety solely on that, but he was simply a better player in 2017.  I still like him but the size will hurt him a tad.  Fun player to watch, can help a defense in a lot of ways.  Day 2 pick. Will play in Senior Bowl.

#22 Sheldrick Redwine – S – 6’1/205

Senior that has experience at both CB and S which will definitely help his grade when all is said and done.  Fluid athlete that can turn and run with ease.  Minimal wasted motion.  He is a reaction-based player more than someone that can read things.  I think he can find a role as a hybrid nickel/dime cover man.  5th/6throunder.  Will be playing at the Shrine Game.

Other Notables:

#81 Darrell Langham – WR – 6’4/235

#31 DE Demetrius Jackson – DE – 6’3/261



DT Olive Sagapolu will miss the game with injury

*#79 David Edwards – OT – 6’7/319

Fourth year junior that was given a second round grade from the advisory board a year ago.  I think he comes out this time.  He suffered an odd left arm injury and there is some minor nerve damage.  I believe he is playing in this one.  Second Team All Big 10 two years in a row.  Really smooth and efficient athlete with all the balance and size you want.  He is a safe bet to be a very good player.  1st round potential.

#63 Michael Deiter – OG – 6’6/321

Fifth year senior. Has started all over the OL.  I overlooked Dieter coming in to the year because I was excited about the other guys but you know what?  Dieter may grade out better than all of them.  Versatility is huge for young linemen and I think he can play inside and outside.  OG is the most ideal spot, but when injuries mount, having a guy like Deiter is a huge help.  First Team All Big 10 two years in a row. Really good initial contact and he tries really hard all the time.  Size and strength are NFL ready. Senior Bowl

#66 Beau Benzschawel – OG – 6’6/322

Fifth year senior.  Has been All Big 10 three years in a row, 1st team the past two seasons.  I had a lot of excitement about him coming into the year but I think the expectations may have been too high.  He was underwhelming but still solid.  He plays high and strong and that usually didn’t hurt him this year, but it will in the NFL.  He does have a lot of lateral range and he can move his feet, just need to see more ability to sustain blocks.  Senior Bowl week will be huge for him, as he didn’t really have any big time matchups in 2018.  Willis will be his toughest opponent to date.  Day 2 pick.Senior Bowl

#53 TJ Edwards – LB – 6’1/248

Fifth year senior.  All American in 2017 but saw a slight dip in production in 2018.  Edwards is a fine prospect that can play on all three downs.  Really good athlete in space, excels in coverage.  Can man up on most tight ends and backs.  Lacks the instincts I want to see against the run but still a good finisher when he reaches the action.  3rd/4th rounder but someone may fall in love with workout numbers and take him higher. Will play in  Shrine Game.

#43 Ryan Connelly – LB – 6’3/236

Fifth year senior with two and a half years of starting experience.  Third Team All Big 10.  An overlooked player on this defense that I think has a decent shot at being a better pro than Edwards.  He has legit sideline to sideline speed, he handles blockers really well, and he knows exactly what’s going on around him at all times.  Connelly is a tough kid that can make a lot of little things happen. Will not be playing in today's game nor the Shrine Game due to recent sports hernia surgery.. 

#17 Andrew Van Ginkel – LB – 6’4/236

Fifth year senior that began his career at South Dakota.  Also spent a year at Iowa Western before settling in for 2 years as a starting OLB at Wisconsin.  Most of his time has been spent rushing the edge.  He isn’t a big time burst guy but he is active and aggressive.  Hustler-type that has a frame to work with.  Late rounder.  Will be playing at the Shrine Game.

#14 D’Cota Dixon – S – 5’10/200

Fifth year senior that has had some durability issues, but nothing major.  Still a lot of experience under his belt.  Three time All Big 10 mention.  He is quick and instinctive.  Very good at reading the action in front of him and putting himself in position to make plays.  I don’t like him in deep coverage, as his range seems limited and he just doesn’t have that burst to the ball that can make up for a lack of size.  I see a special teamer that can provide solid depth to a SS position that has their guys play in the box often.



#5 Jalen Hurd – WR – 6’4/217

Fifth year senior.  Very interesting story and prospect.  Began his career at Tennessee as a RB and led them in rushing as a true freshman in 2014.  He had more success in 2015 and was headed towards career records for the program.  2016 is when things started going south via relationships with coaches and emergence of Alvin Kamara.  He transferred to Baylor and sat out 2017, making a move to WR where his body type is simply a better fit.  He ended up leading the team in catches and yards as well as showing vast improvement within the skill set from the beginning of the year to the end.  Hurd will impress in workouts and the progress we saw throughout 2018 will make him one of the highest upside prospects in the class.Senior Bowl.

Other Notables:

#77 Patrick Lawrence – OT – 6’5/306

#72 Blake Blackmar – OG – 6’5/330



#14 Kyle Shurmur – 6’4/225

Three year starter that improved each year.  Son of NYG coach Pat Shurmur.  As expected he plays a very safe and smart game.  Calculated risk taker that will revert to the short, simple throws a bit too often.  Tough in the pocket, stands tall and will wait.  Good feel in traffic but struggles to hit his mark on the move.  Arm strength is average, accuracy is a plus.  Likely a free agent, just don’t see starter upside but a valuable backup.

*#5 Ke’Shawn Vaughn – RB -  5’10/215

Fourth year junior.  Played 2 years at Illinois before transferring to Vandy where he sat out 2017.  Ended up winning the Newcomer of the Year Award for the SEC.  He averaged over 6 yards per carry and was particularly impressive against Georgia,  Florida, and Missouri.  Really tough, hard nosed runner that shows excellent vision.  Fast thinker and fast mover.  I like this kid a lot and would label him a potential 3rd rounder if he comes out.

#58 Justin Skule – OT – 6’6/315

Three year starter.  Underrated left tackle with very good balance and control.  Does a nice job with his initial punch and keeping things inside.  He needs to add more power from his base which takes time, but I like him as a late round developmental guy.  Will be playing at the Shrine Game.

#5 Ladarius Wiley – S – 6’1/210

Fifth year senior.  Former cornerback then made a move in 2016 to safety.  Physical and fast player that can make things happen downhill and sideline to sideline.  Poor tackling grade will hurt him a tad, but he will be drafted late. 

Other Notables:

#11 Charles Wright – OLB – 6’3/240

#25 Josh Smith – OLB – 6’4/240

#40 Jordan Griffin – 6’0/223