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NFL Draft

College Bowl Games - December 22

Dave Syvertsen, Ourlads' Senior Draft Analyst
12/26/2018 11:16AM ET


*#8 – Darrell Henderson – RB – 5’9/200

Junior that hasn’t declared yet but I expect him to.  Henderson is second in the nation in rushing on just 214 carries.  His 8.9 yards per carry lead the country, as he was #1 in runs over 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.  Some of it was scheme and level of competition based but at the end of the day, his breakaway speed is there.  Give him an inch, he takes a foot.  Any little crease, he is a threat to take it to the house.  He has good enough hands to be considered a top-end third down back prospect, but I wouldn’t consider him an every down guy.  Size just isn’t there.  Still a 3rd/4th rounder.

#72 – Trevon Tate – OT – 6’4/295

Fifth year senior that has started at both tackle spots as well as LG.  First team all AAC in 2017, second team in 2018.  You will see him play outside, but I think his size will lead him to playing inside in the NFL.  Really good hands when it comes to technique and accuracy, lacks some power.  Has some natural athletic ability that I think will be a good fit for a team that likes to move their OGs a lot.  Won’t be an early contributor but likely a day three pick that can be developed.

#7 Curtis Akins – LB – 6’2/235

Fifth year senior.  Three year starter that jumped off the screen in 2017 while I was scouting Genard Avery, currently of the Browns.  A plus athlete in space that has range laterally and plenty of downhill power between the tackles.  I think there is something here to really look into.  Much like I felt about Avery at this time last year, Akins is a guy that can contribute early and far exceed expectations for where he will be drafted.  Likely a day three guy.

Other Notables:

#66 Roger Joseph – OT – 6’3/301

#54 Drew Kyser – OC – 6’4/295

#24 Tito Windham – CB – 5’9/195



#2 – Cameron Glenn – S – 6’1/200

Fifth year senior.  Plus-athlete with a good blend of top end speed and explosion.  Earned 2nd Team All ACC honors.  Shows a lot of range in pursuit against the run but it doesn’t always carry over to coverage.  Tools are there though.  Could workout his way into a 4th/5th round grade.

Other Notables:

#22 Matt Colburn – RB – 5’10/200

#70 Ryan Anderson – OC – 6’6/305

#48 William Yarbary – DE – 6’2/285



*DT Ed Oliver is not playing

#14 – Isaiah Johnson – CB – 6’3/195

An intriguing prospect here.  Played WR in 2015 and 2016 before moving to the defensive side of the ball in 2017.  He got his feet wet with 5 games and earned a full time role in 2018.  Showed steady improvement throughout the year and when considering his combination of tools and the NFL’s infatuation with height and length, Johnson is going to get a hard look from a lot of teams.  The ball skills are there.  His route recognition is there.  Just a lot to like when considering long term upside.

#8 Emeke Egbule – LB – 6’3/245

Three year starter that wears a lot of hats.  Versatility will be one of his stronger parts of the scouting report.  His production won’t jump off the screen but when watching him move both as a pass rusher and in coverage, I’m intrigued.  I think his best role is a 3-4 OLB where he can add some bulk to that frame.  High upside, low floor type.

#22 Austin Robinson – LB – 6’3/240

Fifth year senior.  Spent a year at UTSA as a dual threat quarterback.  Made the move to Houston and was shifted to linebacker right away.  Had a breakout senior year in 2018, leading the team in tackles and sacks while earning 1st Team All AAC honors.  I didn’t watch him much early on, but he is one of the better athletes at the position in this class.  I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the coming months, starting in this game.

Other Notables:

#69 Will Noble – OC – 6’4/297

#20 Roman Brown – LB – 6’2/230

#18 Alexander Myres – CB – 5’11/192



#33 Darnell Woolfolk – RB - 5’9/235

Fourth year senior that has been the power back presence in Army’s run-heavy attack.  Scored 28 touchdowns over the past two years.  Not much to his running style other than toughness and downhill power.  A consistent pile-pusher that will fall forward but lacks the dynamic athletic ability to make anything happen in space.  He will get a shot at the Shrine Game which will be important for him.  Can he be a Kuhn-type fullback/short yardage guy? I think so, as long as he can add some weight to his frame which is common for guys that come out of the academies when they enter the league.



*#3 Tyree Jackson – QB – 6’7/245

Fourth year junior with three years of starting experience minus the 4 games he missed in 2017 with an injury.  Won the MAC Offensive Player of the Year Award after scoring 34 touchdowns, 27 in the air and 7 on the ground.  He hasn’t declared yet and I would strongly advise him not to but there have been whispers he is bolting.  We’ll see.  Jackson’s huge frame and cannon for an arm reminds some of a younger Josh Allen.  I think he is less polished and lacks pocket presence.  Talent is there but I have seen immaturity both with and without the ball.  He will be a 1st round candidate in 2020 if he can shore those things up.

#83 Anthony Johnson – WR – 6’2/207

Fifth year senior that bounced around early in his career.  Has been Jackson’s go-to receiver in his 2 years with the program, earning 1st Team All MAC honors both seasons.  Cousin to JaDaveon Clowney.  I think Johnson is an overlooked prospect.  Has 1st round potential with his superb ball skills, quick vertical speed, and toughness after the catch.  If he times well, look for him to be a top 20 pick.

#4 Khalil Hodge – LB – 6’1/235

Fourth year senior that went to junior college for a year prior to settling in at Buffalo in 2016.  Has been a tackling machine dating back to his years in high school.  Very aware in traffic, can find windows consistently and he is an actual wrap up tackler, a lost art in today’s NFL.  I don’t like him in space as a cover man, just doesn’t show the same feel and doesn’t read the QB well.  Day 3 guy that can be a factor right away in the right system.

Other Notables:

#77 James O’Hagan – OC – 6’3/305

#92 DE Chuck Harris – DE – 6’4/255

#39 Cameron Lewis – CB – 5’11/185



#15 Damion Willis – WR – 6’4/199

Fourth year senior with 2 years at junior college. Ended 2017 strong and really took over the top WR role in 2018.  First Team All Sun Belt.  In a short-passing scheme, Willis was the lone deep threat.  He gets vertical fast and knows how to track the ball like a centerfielder.  Plays a little weak but he is a prime prospect for day 3 to develop at the bottom of a depth chart.  Big upside. 

#18 – Blace Brown – CB - 6’0/184

Fifth year senior, former walk on.  Looked like he was going to be the next big thing coming out of the Sun Belt, grabbing 11 interceptions over 2016 and 2017 prior to tearing his ACL.  He played in every game this year but didn’t look the same. The optimist can view him as a potential late day 3 value grab and hope he is simply still in recovery mode.  Brown has a lot of playmaker in him.

Other Notables:

#80 DeOndre Douglas – WR – 6’1/202

#57 Deontae Crumitie – OC – 6’3/304

#90 Trevon Sanders – DT – 6’2/327

#47 Hunter Reese – LB – 6’1/224

#5 Cedarius Rookard – S – 6’1/205



Other Notables:

#99 Zeno Choi – DT – 6’3/280

#85 Marcus Armstrong-Brown – WR – 6’3/210



#74 O’Shea Dugas – OT – 6’5/339

Four-year starter.  Second Team All Conference USA in 2016 and 2017, first team in 2018.  High effort mammoth of a man that brings violence and power.  He can handle NFL defensive linemen right away when it comes to size/strength.  He consistently looks a step too slow, however.  He can’t keep up with double moves and is late to react to stunts and twists.  That is a major red flag for the NFL trenches but I do think there is something to work with here.  Can’t teach his size and he has shown enough quality tape to be looked at early day 3.

#45 Jaylon Ferguson – DE – 6’5/269

Fifth year senior.  Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year and 3rd Team All American.  One of the names to watch in the coming months as he checks several boxes when it comes to NFL defensive ends.  Violent, heavy, and fast hands.  He is further along than most in that department.  There is a lot of Bradley Chubb in his game, just a second slower so I don’t see him as a top 10 guy.  But expect immediate production as a 3 down player here.

Other Notables:

#9 Teddy Veal – WR – 6’0/191

#75 Michael Rodriguez – 6’6/298

#93 Immanuel Turner – 6’3/287