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Press Releases

Dan Shonka

Dear Faithful Ourlads' Subscribers,

My name is Dan Shonka. I am a sixteen-year NFL scouting veteran with the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, and National Football Scouting. In 2003, I was President of Pro Scout Confidential, a player personnel consulting firm that worked with teams and agents. (See my website Pro Scout Confidential). In addition, my wife Peggy and I published College Football Preview, a small college football magazine, for 10 years from 1988-1997.

During my last four years at National I was rated as one of the top scouts by general managers and college directors before joining the Eagles after the 1994 draft. It has been my good fortune to work as an area, regional, and national scout. In addition, I was a college assistant coach, head coach, and recruiter for 13 years prior to scouting.

Intent film study is a blue collar job. I love player personnel work. I hope my passion and enthusiasm for my job will be clearly evident in my work for you as subscribers of Ourlads' Scouting Services. Ourlads' has been America's top independent professional football scouting organization for over 23 years.

Some companies get more publicity or self promotion. Some say they are "the book the scouts buy." But as a subscriber to Ourlads', you know America's biggest secret. Ourlads' evaluations are based on solid tape and live observation. I can confidently say that Ourlads' is the best because every ball club I worked for had several copies and I was amazed how Tom, Phil, and the Laddies hit on the players.

In addition, I had talks with several top agents in 2003 who used Ourlads' as a scouting bible. Numerous agents graded the various scouting reports out there and they told me that Ourlads' consistently was their top guide for accurate player information.

As an NFL scout sitting in a draft room waiting for the next selection, I observed owners, general managers, coaches, and scouts studying and highlighting the newsletters and draft guide. Ourlads' Draft Guide was also popular during the week prior to the draft for information on the numerous mock drafts that were used to simulate the weekend draft.
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