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Anthony Johnson | 43

CB | Virginia | Atlanta Falcons
Ht: 6015 / 6' 02" | Wt: 205 | Upd: 05/16/2024


Birth Date: 01/12/1999
Age: 25
Original Team: NO FA
NFL Entry: 23 CFA
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: SF24
Team History: NO GB ATL

Player History

04/23 NO FA
07/23 NO PUP
07/23 NO activated
08/23 NO waived, partially guaranteed contract
08/23 NO P/SQ 0-5
10/23 GB P/SQ 7-13
01/24 GB P/SQ 18-21
01/24 GB FA for 24
05/24 GB waived
05/24 ATL FA

Ourlads' Profile:

2023 Guide: What Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services said about ANTHONY JOHNSON:

Virginia | H: 6012 W: 205 40: 4.63 A: 3258 H: 0858 W: 7714

Two year starter, Coconut Creek, FL. First team All-ACC in 2022. Transferred from Louisville in 2021 after playing two seasons there. Solid frame, he has ideal physical stature for a corner. He has experience in press and off man along with outside zone. As a press corner is physical to stab at the release and can ride a receiver to the sideline. Normally patient to match release he usually maintains leverage. In off coverage he shows a back pedal and lateral shuffle and is quick to react to short and intermediate cuts. As a zone defender processes route combinations and positions well on intermediate and flat routes. Reads and reacts to the delivery key and has been productive preventing completions including taking advantage of interception opportunities. He can find the throwing lane in zone coverage. Physical in run support he can separate from perimeter blocks and shed on the move. Flashes tackling skill in space but shows some hesitation at times causing a bad angle to the ball. Has to be perfect timing reactions or is prone to letting a receiver get behind him. He lacks recovery speed if beaten. Will bite on a double move and at times seems to guess on the route or quarterback’s intentions. Lacks smooth agility and movements can be sticky and segmented at times. Has redeeming qualities but will have to overcome some limitations to make a team.

2022 Stats: 51 T, 3 TFL, 12 PBU, 1 QBH, 2 INT. OSR:30/30. 7th round/PFA.