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Yasir Durant | 79

OG | Missouri | New Orleans Saints
Ht: 6062 / 6' 06" | Wt: 330 | Upd: 03/12/2023


Birth Date: 05/21/1998
Age: 24
Original Team: KC FA
NFL Entry: 20 CFA
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: SF22
Team History: KC NE NO

Player History

04/20 KC FA
08/21 NE trade from KC
12/21 NE Covid-19
12/21 NE activated 16
08/22 NE waived
09/22 NO P/SQ 3-11
11/22 NO activated 11
11/22 NO waived
11/22 NO P/SQ 12-18
01/23 NO PS/INJ 18
01/23 NO FA for 23

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about YASIR DURANT: Missouri, 6062 331 5.52. Three-year starter, Philadelphia, PA. Spent a season at Arizona Western CC where he played guard and tackle. Took over the left tackle job four weeks into 2017 and never looked back. He is going to cause a second look based on his size alone, as he is as wide as he is long. This kind of blocker doesn’t need to be the most twitched up, fastest player on the field. He is a tough guy to get around because of how well he stays within himself, how far his blocking radius extends to, and how powerful his punch can be. May not be a year one guy, as there are some lower body techniques that must be cleaned up, but he has a potential starter label on him at either tackle spot. Meets the desired size requirements across the board. Has a massive frame that can handle 330+ pounds with ease. A hard blocker to get around when it comes to the combination of width and length. Has a strong jab that he can extend a far distance like a back delivering a straight arm move. Has the foot speed to complement his size well. A patient blocker who sets himself up well with proper knee bend and torso positioning. Can absorb a bull rush. Maintains his posture, balance, and control stemming from a rooted anchor. Can deliver a nasty punch to the defender’s chest in the running game. Lacks some twitch in his approach off the snap. Doesn’t show the reaction time against late, lateral quickness. Doesn’t always play with a low-enough pad level. Has a hard time getting to the second level swiftly with balance. OSR:37/41. Sixth/ seventh round. (A-34 3/4, H-9 1/2, BP-DNP, 10-1.90).