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Ndamukong Suh | 0

DT | Nebraska | Philadelphia Eagles
Ht: 6037 / 6' 04" | Wt: 307 | Upd: 03/19/2023


Birth Date: 01/06/1987
Age: 36
Original Team: DET
NFL Entry: 10 01 002
NFL Exp: 14
Depth Chart Key: UFA
Player Status: Un-Restricted Free Agent
Team History: DET MIA LAR TB PHI

Player History

11/11 DET SUS 2 games: stomping on Evan Dietrich-Smith's arm
12/14 DET SUS 1 game: stomping on Aaron Rodger's calf. SUS overturned. Fined $75 K
02/15 DET UFA
03/15 MIA UFA signed
03/18 MIA T V V/CC
03/18 LAR CC signed
03/19 LAR UFA
05/19 TB UFA signed
08/21 TB Covid-19
09/21 TB activated
03/22 TB UFA
11/22 PHI FA
03/23 PHI UFA

Ourlads' Profile:

2010 Guide: What Ourlads NFL Scouting Services said about NDAMUKONG SUH: Nebraska, 6037 307 5.05. Three-year starter that led the team in tackles. His last name is pronounced “Sue.” His first name, Ndamukong, means “house of spears.” Plays left defensive tackle. Has long arms and a big thick body. Explosive strength at the point of attack. Exceptional use of hands and arms. Can two gap. Can’t be single blocked. Strong hands to control the blocker. Doesn’t stay blocked. Quick to shed. Sudden punch and separation. Has the strength to pull and jerk. Quick arm over moves. Has a bag of tricks to rush the passer. Usually double teamed and chipped. A good athlete that can push the pocket and defeat the blocker. Has two interceptions for touchdowns and has caught a touchdown pass after lining up at fullback. Instinctive with quick reactions. Can feel pressure and react on the run. Outstanding balance and agility. A wrap up tackler in the open field when dropping on a zone blitz. Keeps leverage on the ball. A playmaker that dominates his competition. Plays hard the whole game. Explosive first step quickness. A disruptive player that makes several “hustle” plays. Has a feel for the game. Plays with passion and intensity. Focused on the job at hand. Plays on the line of scrimmage going forward. Doesn’t get driven back. Drives through the ball carrier on contact. Sudden to penetrate inside gaps on slant and angle moves. Can collapse the pocket with strength and leverage. A strong power rusher when he brings it up the middle. Unlocks his hips with force. Can stack any run play at him. Was a one man wrecking crew in the Texas game. Extraordinary production as a defensive tackle. In 2009 he had 85 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, and 12 sacks. Over his career he had 189 tackles, 53 for loss, and 24 sacks. Edge speed:left 1.99, right 1.86. OSR:2/20. First round. (A-33 1/2, H-10 1/4, BP-32, 10-1.72).