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Tyre Phillips | 79

OT | Mississippi State | New York Giants
Ht: 6050 / 6' 05" | Wt: 330 | Upd: 03/16/2023


Birth Date: 01/29/1997
Age: 26
Original Team: BAL
NFL Entry: 20 03 106
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: W/Bal
Team History: BAL NYG

Player History

05/20 BAL D/C signed
11/20 BAL IR 9
11/20 BAL IR/DFR 12
11/20 BAL activated 13
09/21 BAL IR 1
10/21 BAL IR/DFR 4
10/21 BAL activated 5
12/21 BAL IR 16
08/22 BAL waived
09/22 NYG w/claim from BAL

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about TYRE PHILLIPS: Mississippi State, 6050 331 5.53. One-year starter, Grenada, MS. Spent two seasons at East Mississippi CC where he played tackle and guard. Rotated at left tackle in 2018 before being named the full-time starter as a senior. His frame and power alone are worthy of being drafted, as they can both somewhat make up for movement issues. He has a hard time moving his feet quickly based on reaction, and the lack of pure and easy balance will get eaten alive at the next level. He is a project that an offensive line coach will want to take on, but only if the lower body techniques can be cleaned up. Massive frame and the power to support it. Sluggish out of his stance. Could have a hard time up the edge against pure speed. Will over set and then struggle mightily to re-direct his weight. Feet have the look of concrete blocks, doesn’t keep them active enough. Inconsistent pad level and balance. Plays in recovery mode often. Can’t stop and turn in space against linebackers, he is all or nothing there. OSR:40/ 41. Seventh round/PFA. (A-35 1/8, H-10 3/8, BP-22, 10-1.96).