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Jeremy McNichols | 0

RB | Boise State | Pittsburgh Steelers
Ht: 5085 / 5' 09" | Wt: 214 | Upd: 03/19/2023


Birth Date: 12/26/1995
Age: 27
Original Team: TB
NFL Entry: 17 05 162
NFL Exp: 4
Depth Chart Key: UFA
Player Status: Un-Restricted Free Agent

Player History

05/17 TB D/C signed
09/17 TB waived
09/17 SF P/SQ 1-12
11/17 SF activated 13
09/18 SF waived
09/18 IND P/SQ 1
09/18 IND P/SQ 3-4
09/18 IND activated 4
10/18 IND waived
10/18 DEN P/SQ 6-13
12/18 TEN from DEN P/SQ 14
08/19 TEN waived
11/19 CHI P/SQ 12-14
12/19 JAX P/SQ 16-17
12/19 JAX activated 17
05/20 JAX waived
08/20 TEN FA
09/20 TEN waived
09/20 TEN P/SQ 1
09/20 TEN activated 2
09/20 TEN P/SQ 2
09/20 TEN activated 2
09/20 TEN P/SQ 3
09/20 TEN activated 3
08/21 TEN Covid-19
09/21 TEN activated
01/22 TEN waived
01/22 TEN P/SQ 18-19
05/22 ATL FA
06/22 ATL waived
07/22 PIT FA
08/22 PIT IR
03/23 PIT UFA

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about JEREMY MCNICHOLS: Boise State, 5085 214 4.49. Junior entry from Long Beach, CA. Two-year starter who rushed for 3205 yards and scored 44 touchdowns during his career. In addition he caught 103 passes, 10.6 yards per catch, and scored 11 times. A patient runner who anticipates the running lanes and will feel things open up before they do. Physically strapped head to toe. Training and healthy focused athlete. Downhill zone stretch runner with balance and leg drive. Gets his shoulders square and gets north and south. A patient runner who anticipates the running lanes and hits the seam as it opens up. Has the speed this level to break big second level runs. A three down back who has top tier receiving ability and is not afraid to block. Not a real fluid runner with some hip tightness. Lacks a burst to turn the corner then go down the sidelines. Will need to generate more power out of his legs to push the pile. Must be more ball security conscious and hold it tighter in traffic. An every down back who has wide receiver-caliber ball skills and plus-blocking ability. Has the frame to handle a lot of hits. Very smart, savvy back who will see things before they appear. McNichols has been the guy for two years now and proved he can help a team in several ways. His hands, return ability, and blocking alone are worth considering for a roster spot. Add in the production and skill set as an interior rusher and he can make a case for being the most well-rounded back in this class. 2016 stats: 1709 yds, 5.4 ypc, 23 TD, 37 rec, 474 yds, 12.8 ypr, 4 TD. OSR:4/30. Third/fourth round. (A-31 1/2, H-10, BP-DNP, SS-4.30).