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Cody Thompson | 0

WR | Toledo | Seattle Seahawks
Ht: 6014 / 6' 01" | Wt: 205 | Upd: 03/19/2023


Birth Date: 01/11/1996
Age: 27
Original Team: KC FA
NFL Entry: 19 CFA
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: UFA
Player Status: Un-Restricted Free Agent
Team History: KC SEA CIN SEA

Player History

05/19 KC FA
08/19 KC waived
09/19 KC P/SQ 1-8
10/19 SEA P/SQ 9
11/19 CIN P/SQ 12-17
01/20 SEA P/SQ 19
01/20 SEA FA for 20
09/20 SEA waived
09/20 SEA P/SQ 1-18
01/21 SEA FA for 21
08/21 SEA waived
09/21 SEA P/SQ 0-2
09/21 SEA activated 2
09/21 SEA P/SQ 3
10/21 SEA activated 3
10/21 SEA P/SQ 4-14
12/21 SEA activated 15
12/21 SEA P/SQ 15
12/21 SEA activated 15
12/21 SEA P/SQ 16-17
01/22 SEA activated 17
01/22 SEA FA for 22
08/22 SEA IR
03/23 SEA UFA

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about CODY THOMPSON: Toledo, 6014 205 4.55. Fifth year senior and four year starter from Huron, OH. Broke onto the national scene in 2016 with a school record 1,269 yards. However a broken a leg five weeks into the 2017 season forced him into a medical red-shirt. While he bounced back in 2018 with his second first-team All MAC performance, he never quite reached the expectations that were created earlier in his career. Doesn’t have the tool set that screams upside and excitement, but there are reliable traits and overall toughness that can help him factor from the slot. The debate will revolve around just how good the skill set is to make up for the average tools. Much of his success will depend on the situation he is drafted into. Pro caliber route runner both physically and mentally. Can alter his approach post-snap based on how the defense is lined up and their initial movement. Plants his foot and explodes into his break, creating the space needed for separation that creates margin for the quarterback to work with. A strong hands catcher that rarely drops the ball. Has a decisive plan for post-catch every time. Shows the feel for where the lanes are and takes advantage of his positioning. Tough as nails in traffic. Adjusts well to poorly thrown balls, notably near the ground. Long speed won’t scare anybody, needs to be kept underneath. Blocking impact is inconsistent, doesn’t always bring the hardnosed effort. 2018 stats: 48-647, 13.5 ypr, 10 TD, 10-99 PR, 9.9 avg, 1 TD. OSR:14/42. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31, H-9 3/8, VJ-38.5, SS-4.06).