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Grant Hermanns | 63

OT | Purdue | New York Jets
Ht: 6074 / 6' 07" | Wt: 300 | Upd: 03/30/2022


Birth Date: 03/05/1998
Age: 24
Original Team: NYJ FA
NFL Entry: 21 CFA
NFL Exp: 1
Depth Chart Key: CF21
Team History: NYJ

Player History

05/21 NYJ FA
08/21 NYJ waived/partially guaranteed contract
09/21 NYJ P/SQ 0-17

Ourlads' Profile:

2021 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about GRANT HERMANNS: Purdue, 6074 300 5.29. Four-year starter, Albuquerque, NM. Two-year team captain who is a four year All-Academic All Big 10 player. Won the New Mexico 6A state heavyweight wrestling championship in high school. Underrated left tackle who plays in a two point stance in a spread offense. Plays square in pass protection and is patient yet aggressive. Mirrors his target up the field in pass pro and is powerful on down blocks. Quick to hook the edge of a defense. Sits down and locks out in pass protection. Gives up ground grudgingly. Smooth on switch blocks. Rarely drops his head to lose his pass rushing target. Locks on a pass rusher and drives them around the quarterback. Runs his feet in the run game. Quick enough to cut off an inside slant player. Walls off and drives pass rushers across the pile. Has functional strength. Works to keep knee bend. Good awareness. Always keeps his head on a swivel. Effective combo block to second level to cut off linebacker’s pursuit. A competitor who stays focused on his job. Will get driven back if he plays too high. Pro day numbers: 27/VJ, 8-11/BJ, 4.81/SS, 7.75/3 cone. Seventh round/PFA. (A-33 1/2, H-9 7/8, BP-26, 10-1.86).