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Joe Giles-Harris | 42

LB | Duke | Buffalo Bills
Ht: 6020 / 6' 02" | Wt: 240 | Upd: 05/03/2022


Birth Date: 04/01/1997
Age: 25
Original Team: JAX FA
NFL Entry: 19 CFA
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: SF21
Team History: JAX BUF

Player History

04/19 JAX FA
09/19 JAX waived/partially guaranteed contract
09/19 JAX P/SQ 1-7
10/19 JAX activated 8
11/19 JAX waived
11/19 JAX P/SQ 10-13
12/19 JAX activated 14
09/20 JAX waived
09/20 JAX P/SQ 1-6
10/20 JAX Covid-19
10/20 JAX P/SQ 7-9
11/20 JAX activated 9
11/20 JAX P/SQ 10
11/20 JAX activated 10
11/20 JAX P/SQ 11
11/20 JAX activated 11
05/21 JAX waived
05/21 BUF FA
08/21 BUF waived
09/21 BUF P/SQ 0-12
12/21 BUF activated 13
12/21 BUF P/SQ 13
12/21 BUF activated 13
12/21 BUF P/SQ 14-18
01/22 BUF activated 18
01/22 BUF P/SQ 19
01/22 BUF FA for 22

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about JOE GILES-HARRIS: Duke, 6016 234 4.73. Junior entry from Nyack, NY. Three year starter with traditional Mike size and physicality. Instinctive with accurate reads to fit inside gaps. Processes blocking scheme and backfield action. Solid change of direction. Patient with a downhill and lateral shuffle to fit  inside gaps to the alley. Path to the ball is usually precise. Adjusts to backs movement from lateral run to shuffle virtually eliminating cutback. Stays on the back hip of the ball carrier on runs moving outside and accelerates to the tackle. Can tackle in space and finish. Runs through tackles. Wards off blocks leading with his hands on the move. Uses his powerful base to keep blockers at bay on downhill fills. Flashes blitz skill with anticipation to hit inside gaps. Fundamentally sound in zone drops with ability to reroute inside receivers. Very good at reading screens and cutting down the play before it develops. Has limited exposure to man coverage. Quickness in read is important as he lacks extended speed to the sideline. Not the most athletic but his instincts and technique overcome a lot of deficiency. Pass defense is an issue but he has value as a two down linebacker for the right team. Has played well on special teams and projects as a solid backup that can play on early downs. Missed last four games due to MCL sprain. 2018 stats: 81 T, 7 TFL, 1 sack, 2 PBU, 2 QBH, 1 BK. OSR:14/15. Sixth/seventh round. (A-31 1/4, H- 8 1/2, BP-17, SS-DNP).