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Jace Whittaker** | 39

CB | Arizona | Arizona Cardinals
Ht: 5102 / 5' 10" | Wt: 189 | Upd: 12/06/2021


Birth Date: 07/16/1995
Age: 26
Original Team: ARZ FA
NFL Entry: 20 CFA
NFL Exp: 1
Depth Chart Key: CB
Player Status: Practice Squad
Team History: ARZ

Player History

05/20 ARZ FA
09/20 ARZ waived
09/20 ARZ P/SQ 1-4
10/20 ARZ activated 4
10/20 ARZ P/SQ 5-9
11/20 ARZ activated 9
11/20 ARZ P/SQ 10
11/20 ARZ activated 10
11/20 ARZ P/SQ 11-12
11/20 ARZ activated 12
11/20 ARZ P/SQ 13-17
01/21 ARZ activated 17
01/21 ARZ FA for 21
08/21 ARZ waived
09/21 ARZ P/SQ 0-4
10/21 ARZ activated 4
10/21 ARZ P/SQ 5-12
12/21 ARZ activated 12
12/21 ARZ P/SQ 13

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about JACE WHITTAKER: Arizona 5102 189 4.52 Three-year starter, Oceanside, CA. Missed all of 2018 with a hamstring injury. Versatile corner playing outside and slot corner. Has some safety experience. Plays press and off with solid technique. Rarely gives up inside leverage in man cover. Has ball skills for pass break and interception. Gets hands to the catch point. Solid zone defender with good spacing and reactions on the throw. Gets depth in flat drops when over a slot. Has match up skill with mirror ability. Can stay in phase on most vertical routes. Shows speed and quickness to recover when separated. Has some trouble with quick route breaks  and can get badly separated. Appears to guess at times and takes a wrong turn on a double move. Has some hip tightness in reactions. Under the radar prospect. Testing will be important to draft status. Versatility and special teams potential will be attractive. Shrine Bowl notes: Displayed quick reactions and was tenacious in not giving up leverage. Disciplined in cushion and turn and run. Aware in zone closing the voids in hard corner coverage. Struggled with individual route recognition at times. Showed recovery ability when separated. Showed ball skills getting a quick break and hands to the catch point. 2019 stats: 55 T, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 6 PBU, 3 INT. Not invited to Combine. Seventh round/PFA. (A-29, H-9, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP).