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Jamil Douglas | 77

OG | Arizona State | Buffalo Bills
Ht: 6040 / 6' 04" | Wt: 304 | Upd: 05/05/2021


Birth Date: 02/28/1992
Age: 29
Original Team: MIA
NFL Entry: 15 04 114
NFL Exp: 3
Depth Chart Key: R/Ten

Player History

09/16 MIA waived
09/16 MIA P/SQ 1-3
09/16 MIA activated 4
10/16 MIA waived 4
10/16 MIA P/SQ 5
10/16 NE P/SQ 7-22
02/17 NE FA for 17
09/17 NE waived
09/17 ATL P/SQ 1-17
12/17 ATL activated 17
09/18 ATL waived
09/18 IND P/SQ 1
10/18 TEN P/SQ 5-17
01/19 TEN FA for 19
03/21 TEN RFA
04/21 BUF RFA signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2015 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about JAMIL DOUGLAS: Arizona State, 6040 304 5.21. Three-year starter from Cypress, CA. Spent two years playing guard, but moved to left tackle in 2014. Projects to inside guard. Douglas is one of the more impressive linemen in the nation when it comes to workouts and tools. He has good length and works in the weight room. Has shown steady improvement from a skill set perspective and is beginning to prove that he has the skill set to play guard in the NFL. If he can clean up specific technique issues, he can be a long term starter. Has a long, lean frame. Able to bend at the knees and sustain good balance and body control. Plays a violent game with his upper body. Goes after the defender, consistently initiating contact and delivering a strong punch. Keeps his feet moving to mirror defenders. Able to stick to his man up and down the pocket. Can crash down and reach the inside gaps. Shows good quickness while maintaining his balance. Hustles downfield and will look to make the extra block. Easy mover in space, very good speed and change of direction. Can pull out of his stance and accelerate to lead block. Powerful presence on the move. Works hard to sustain and finish his blocks. Will get sloppy with technique the further from the line he gets. Needs to be more consistent with posture and body positioning. Late to react to blitzes and stunts, needs to be more aware. Will often rely too much on his upper body. OSR:22/41. Fourth/fifth round. (A-33 3/8, H-10 3/4, BP-28, 10-1.80).