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Gehrig Dieter | 12

WR | Alabama | Kansas City Chiefs
Ht: 6023 / 6' 02" | Wt: 208 | Upd: 02/12/2021


Birth Date: 02/24/1993
Age: 28
Original Team: KC FA
NFL Entry: 17 CFA
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: CF17
Team History: KC

Player History

05/17 KC FA
09/17 KC waived
09/17 KC P/SQ 1-18
01/18 KC FA for 18
09/18 KC waived
09/18 KC P/SQ 1-11
11/18 KC activated 12
08/19 KC IR
09/19 KC waived/injury settlement
10/19 KC P/SQ 7-11
11/19 KC activated 12
12/19 KC waived
12/19 KC P/SQ 14-22
02/20 KC FA
09/20 KC waived
09/20 KC P/SQ 1-9
11/20 KC activated 9
11/20 KC P/SQ 10-11
11/20 KC activated 11
11/20 KC P/SQ 12-16
12/20 KC activated 16
12/20 KC P/SQ 17
01/21 KC activated 17
01/21 KC waived
01/21 KC P/SQ 19
01/21 KC activated 19
01/21 KC P/SQ 20-22
02/21 KC FA

Ourlads' Profile:

2017 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about GEHRIG DIETER: Alabama, 6023 208 4.58. One-year starter after graduating and transferring from Bowling Green. From South Bend, IN. Solid size and frame. Smooth player with deceptive straight line speed. A long strider but fast enough to put pressure on the cornerbacks. Good hands and football IQ. Has an understanding of how to set defenders up to get up open. Adjusts easily to the awkward ball. Showed some ability to go over the top of a defensive back, high point the ball, and make a play. Very efficient and willing blocker who uses good hand placement and body control to maintain position on the defender. Very coachable and willing to work. Shows up every day wanting to learn and applies the skills he was taught to his game. Lacks top end speed. Not overly quick or sudden. Can improve his strength at the top of his break when fighting through contact. Hand use in bump and run situations must improve. Route strength is average. Had excellent production in 2015 for Bowling Green catching 94 passes for 1038 yards and 10 touchdowns. He will have to make the 53-man roster through his special teams’ work. Returns punts and kickoffs. Good coverage player as a gunner and in kickoff coverage. A valuable utility player. Think Adam Thielen type player. Pro day numbers: 15/BP, 9-11/BJ, 7.20/3 cone. 2016 stats: 15-214, 14.3 ypr, 4 TD. Not invited to Combine. Seventh round/PFA. (A-30 1/2, H-9 5/8, VJ-32.5, SS-4.33).