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Lavert Hill | 47

CB | Michigan | Philadelphia Eagles
Ht: 5100 / 5' 10" | Wt: 190 | Upd: 02/28/2021


Birth Date: 10/03/1998
Age: 22
Original Team: KC FA
NFL Entry: 20 CFA
NFL Exp: R
Depth Chart Key: SF20
Team History: KC PHI

Player History

04/20 KC FA
09/20 KC waived
09/20 KC P/SQ 1-11
12/20 PHI P/SQ 14-17
01/21 PHI FA for 21

Ourlads' Profile:

2020 Guide: What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about LAVERT HILL: Michigan, 5100 190 4.55. Three-year starter, Detroit, MI. First-team All-Big 10 the last two seasons. Played outside and some slot corner in Michigan’s predominantly Cover 1 scheme. Physical press corner with excellent jam and run technique. Foot quickness maintains leverage and mirror of route breaks. Ignores early move away from leverage and can disrupt routes. Quick to turn and run or flip his hips to stay in phase. Sudden to recover if separated. Ball skills to get his hands to the catch point. Can be sudden in transition. Has eye discipline to focus on receivers in trail. Solid zone defender especially as a hard corner. Sinks under intermediate routes and quickly breaks on short throws. Processes route combinations. Flashes tackling skill but will lay back and not always show aggression. Can be washed out by a stalk block. Some struggles with tall receivers battling for the ball. Inconsistent finding the ball in phase. Nasty habit of grabbing on route breaks will need to be addressed. Needs to trust his footwork. Inconsistent finding the ball in phase. Shows vulnerability to a back door fade as he can overrun when in phase. Occasional stutter steps changing directions or breaking on the ball. Questionable catch up speed. His footwork and stickiness in coverage will play well for a team emphasizing press man. Could find a sub package/backup role. Shrine Bowl notes: Showed excellent footwork with quick transitions and fluid turn and run. Sudden break and drive on the throw. Tended to be grabby and had a lot of holding calls in practice. Has mirror ability and did not need to grab. 2019 stats: 16 T, 1 TFL, 10 PBU, 3 INT. No Combine workout-his choice. Sixth/seventh round. (A- 30 7/8, H-9 1/8, VJ-DNP, SS-DNP).