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John Wetzel | 75

OT/OG | Boston College | Atlanta Falcons
Ht: 6070c / 6' 07" | Wt: 315 | Upd: 04/01/2021


Birth Date: 07/18/1991
Age: 29
Original Team: OAK FA
NFL Entry: 13 CFA
NFL Exp: 5
Depth Chart Key: UFA

Player History

04/13 OAK FA
08/13 OAK IR
08/13 OAK waived/injury settlement
11/13 DAL P/SQ 11-17
01/14 DAL FA for 14
08/14 DAL waived
09/14 DAL P/SQ 1-19
01/15 DAL FA for 15
09/15 DAL waived
09/15 DAL P/SQ 1-9
11/15 IND P/SQ 12
12/15 ARZ P/SQ 14-20
02/16 ARZ FA for 16
11/18 ARZ IR 9
04/19 ATL FA
08/19 ATL T V V
09/19 ATL FA
09/19 ATL T V V
09/19 ATL FA
10/19 ATL T V V
10/19 ATL FA
10/19 ATL T V V
10/19 ATL FA
10/19 ATL T V V
12/19 ATL FA
03/20 ATL T V V
03/20 ATL FA
09/20 ATL T V V
09/20 ATL P/SQ 1
09/20 ATL activated 2

Ourlads' Profile:

2013 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about JOHN WETZEL: Boston College, 6070 315 5.46. Two-year starter who is a tall angular, gangly blocker. Not smooth athletically, but works to finish his blocks. Struggles with edge speed and will overextend at times when combo blocking. A right tackle only type pass protector. Has the frame to carry more good weight. Long arms and big hands for the position. Must work to bend his knees and play with a lower pad level. Can be leveraged back if he doesn’t drop his butt and bend his knees. Tough and scrappy like most BC linemen. Gives you a good day’s work. Compensates for a lack of foot quickness with good technique to cut off the inside go. With a major need for tackles in the NFL, he is a developmental project who may contribute in a few years. OSR:33/49. Seventh round/PFA. (A-34, H-10, BP-22, 10-1.90).