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Melvin Gordon | 25

RB | Wisconsin | Denver Broncos
Ht: 6010 / 6' 01" | Wt: 215 | Upd: 05/03/2022


Birth Date: 04/13/1993
Age: 29
Original Team: SD
NFL Entry: 15 01 015
NFL Exp: 8
Depth Chart Key: U/LAC
Team History: SD DEN

Player History

12/15 SD IR 16
07/19 LAC did not report
09/19 LAC reinstated/exempt
09/19 LAC exemption lifted
03/20 LAC UFA
03/20 DEN UFA signed
03/22 DEN UFA
04/22 DEN UFA signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2015 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about MELVIN GORDON: Wisconsin 6005 215 4.52 Junior entry. Two-year starter from Kenosha, WI. A difference maker with rare ability who changes the outcomes of games. Plays with a top effort and consistency versus all competition. Possesses rare critical factors and production to win games. A patient and explosive runner with good vision and cutting ability. A downhill runner from the I or off set I- formation with a burst to and through the hole between the tackles. He runs with his eyes. Follows and cuts off his blockers. Has Eric Dickerson’s slide and glide ability. A smooth runner who can slash and break tackles when he is running the Badger’s power ‘O’ play. Generates power in his lower body with strong leg drive. Always going forward with a low pad level and his eyes up. Drives his legs on contact. Not easy to tackle. Has the ability to see the cut back lanes and jump cut in the hole. Gordon also lines up in the slot and runs the Jet sweep wide picking up speed as he goes then turns the corner to burst up the field. A coveted North-South runner who sees the hole and hits it. A strong runner at the point of attack. Collided head on with a free linebacker blitzer, bounced off, spun outside, and accelerated down the sideline. He possesses a third gear open field burst where he can outrun secondary pursuit angles. A strong runner with good contact balance. Gordon is particularly impressive as a runner because opponents had no respect for the Wisconsin passing game and dropped their safeties down to 7-8 yards off the line of scrimmage. Gordon ran through heavy traffic and made himself small through the hole. One fourth of the cold weather back’s carries have gone for over 10 yards in his career. Set the FBS record for career rushing average with 7.79 yards per carry. Owns 22 career 100-yard games and 7 games of 200+ yards. Led the nation with 17 runs of 40+ yards and 10 runs of 50+ yards. Led the FBS in 10+ (60), 20+ (35), and 30+ (21) yards. Broke FBS single game record with 408 yards in 3 quarters. He lowers his pad level in short yardage, 1st down, and goal-line carries. In the Capital One Bowl game against South Carolina in 2014, Gordon rushed for 146 yards and carried Jadeveon Clowney on his back five yards to pick up a first down on one carry. Versus Penn State Gordon was out on a pass route and the ball was batted and intercepted by a defensive lineman. Gordon chased the tackle 40 yards and stripped the ball out to stop a touchdown. Penn State had to settle for a field goal. In the Big 10 championship game in 2012, Gordon rushed for 216 yards in 9 carries versus Nebraska. He flashes Walter Payton’s high step over a tackler ability and demonstrates Chris Johnson’s explosive running skills. He is not a fumbler. Secures the ball. 2014 stats: 2587 yds, 7.5 ypc, 29 TD, 19 rec, 153 yds, 3 TD. OSR:3/34. First round. (A-32 3/8, H-9 3/4, BP-19, SS-4.07).