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Riley Ridley | 88

WR | Georgia | Chicago Bears
Ht: 6012 / 6' 01" | Wt: 199 | Upd: 04/22/2020


Birth Date: 07/26/1997
Age: 23
Original Team: CHI
NFL Entry: 19 04 126
NFL Exp: 2
Depth Chart Key: 19/4
Team History: CHI

Player History

05/19 CHI D/C signed

Ourlads' Profile:

2019 Guide: What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about RILEY RIDLEY: Georgia, 6012 199 4.59. Junior entry and one year starter from Coconut, FL. Brother to Falcons’ receiver Calvin Ridley. He is a bit of an unknown as he enters the league. He was the top pass catcher albeit in a run first, run second, pass third offense. There are a few constants to his game that will translate to the NFL very well. One, he is a pro-caliber route runner that shows the understanding of the subtle but vital nuances. And second, his ball skills are near-top tier which can somewhat hide his lackluster movement tools. He won’t burn by anyone and may struggle to consistently create space between him and the defender underneath, but he is a safe bet to at least be a reliable possession receiver. Solid, muscular build with above average height and length. Looks strong, plays strong. Pro-caliber skill set across the board. Detailed route runner that gets it both physically and mentally. Understands spacing and leverage. Plants his foot and explodes into his break, timing it well. He is in full control and will make the cover man play his game. Never forecasts, hard to read. Aggressive and sure hands catcher that shows ideal timing on his reach for the ball. Easy and natural adjustments to the ball. Shows the needed flexibility and body control to make the catch from any angle. Physical runner with intentions after the catch. Shows some lower body stiffness and tightness when running routes and after the catch. Top end speed and quickness are merely average. Will have a hard time getting open consistently, especially downfield. He can be caught from behind. Takes too much time to get off the jam at the line of scrimmage. 2018 stats: 44-570, 13.0 ypr, 9 TD. OSR:36/42. Fourth/fifth round. (A-32 5/8, H-10 1/4, VJ-30.5, SS-4.31).